UK Retailers Change Placeholder Date For Xbox One S

Several UK retailers have changed the placeholder release date for the Xbox One S from August 31 to August 2, but could it really come out sooner?

A number of retailers in the United Kingdom have changed the placeholder dates for pre-orders of the Xbox One S, moving it from August 31 to August 2. Whether this means that the S is actually going to be released earlier than Microsoft says, or it’s a mistake, remains to be seen.

The various retailers that have changed the date include Amazon UK, Tesco, Grainger Games, and Simply Games. The Xbox One S promises to be a slimmer, more portable, and cheaper version of the Xbox One. That’s not even bringing the Xbox One Scorpio into the equation, with its teraflops of memory.

There hasn’t been any news about similar things happening with the Playstation equivalents of the Microsoft consoles, but if Microsoft actually is going to release the Xbox One S on August 2 instead of August 31 (like it says on its website) it may be a move to put their own consoles out before Playstation does to try and boost sales.

The only Xbox One S that may be released early, however, is the biggest one, the one that has a 2 terabyte memory. The other two versions, which hold 500 gigabytes and one terabyte, respectively, will be coming later in the year. If that’s true, then the most expensive version of the Xbox One S, costing $399, will be coming out first.

The other versions of the console cost $299 and $349. If that’s true, Microsoft may also be hoping to capitalize on the hype that’s spinning around all of the new console versions that have been or will be announced in order to generate more sales.

It’s not like anyone at Microsoft needs to worry, though, especially since the Xbox One S is out of stock on Amazon.

At the same time, it might also be a good investment to buy a regular Xbox One at this time, especially since it got a price cut after the announcement of the Xbox One Scorpio and the Xbox One S.

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