Ubisoft’s Open-World Avatar Game Won’t Be Like The Division On An Alien Planet

Ubisoft's upcoming open-world Avatar game won't just be The Division on an alien planet, according to Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment.

A few months ago, Ubisoft announced that they’re making an open-world Avatar game, but despite it being open-world, players shouldn’t expect another Division, just on an alien planet instead of a plague-ravaged New York City. While Avatar will have a number of the same mechanics, it will still be different.

James Cameron’s Avatar film was a 2009 science fiction film that showed humanity attempting to mine the moon of Pandora for the miracle fuel Unobtanium, which causes conflict with the natives as humanity’s insatiable desire for the fuel causes large amounts of ecological destruction. While we don’t know much about the open-world Avatar game that’s coming, the story will likely still take place on Pandora, but with its own story.

Whether players will be playing as Na’vi or members of the Avatar program, or even just regular humans, players will still be able to explore a lot more of the jungle moon than what we saw in the original movie. This likely means a lot of encounters with Pandora’s wildlife, interactions with Na’vi and possibly rogue humans, and who knows what else.

Since the game releases in 2020, Ubisoft, and the developer Massive Entertainment, will be getting a lot of time to make the game’s version of Pandora the best it could be. While it’s no multi-million dollar film with the best animators money can buy, the game being in the same engine as The Division’s own beautiful environments will hopefully get us as close to Pandora as we can be, for now.

There’s no indication of a real release date for the open-world Avatar game, nor anything about the different platforms that it’ll be releasing on, but hopefully Massive will put the work into it to make it better on launch than The Division was, even if The Division has fixed a lot of its issues.

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