Ubisoft responds to criticism regarding new recoil changes in Rainbow Six Siege

For those unaware, the Technical Test Server (TTS) was updated in the past week to introduce some changes for the recoil system of Rainbow Six Siege.

Players have been sharing their experience since then and the feedback has mostly been negative. Posting on Reddit over the weekend, the developer stated that concerns regarding “randomness of bullet spray” as well as “how the guns feel” have been taken into account. There are also some other issues that players have pointed out, and all of them are being discussed by the development team.

“These changes to recoil patterns are one of the solutions we found that would result in correcting the alignment issue,” Ubisoft explained, “but there may be other options to explore.”

Due to the nature of the situation, the changes to the recoil system are not going to be enforced on the players. Ubisoft is going to take its time to ensure that a suitable system is designed before deploying it on the live servers for everyone. Until then, expect further changes to arrive in the coming weeks and like always, players are requested to keep sending the developer their suggestions and feedback.

Ubisoft announced “predictable recoil patterns” for Rainbow Six Siege earlier this month. The goal was to adjust the weapons for greater control and have players invest time to master them by locking the patterns down to their muscle memory. Doing so would diminish spray-and-pray moments and have players rely more on skill.

However, in contrast, the new recoil system proved easier to manage. Many players reported that they were able to master the recoil on their favorite weapons within just a few games. This actually made Rainbow Six Siege decrease in terms of skill and also threw the gameplay off balance.

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