The Division Delays: Ubisoft Wanted “to Do it Right”

Ubisoft is one of the biggest developers we have and a lot is expected from its projects. However, more than...

Ubisoft is one of the biggest developers we have and a lot is expected from its projects. However, more than often Ubisoft fails to live-up to these expectations and hype around its new releases. So when we first saw The Division and everything it promised us, it was only natural to keep our excitement at bay for the time being.

But, Ubisoft hit the nail on the head.

The Division is spectacular not only in terms of visuals, but gameplay is more than impressive. The beta gave us a taste of what’s to come and it sure looks like all those delays were worth it.

The Division was delayed on a handful of occasions and it gets to show that Ubisoft has learned its lesson. Devs realized their vision for The Division instead of rushing an unfinished, half-hearted game to the market. Devs wanted to “get it right” before shipping and that is why those delays were necessary. Julian Gerighty, the associate creative director explained:

“I think, when you look at it just on paper, what we were trying to achieve: huge open worlds; super realistic recreation of New York; new engine; 100% online all the time; co-operative play; seamless PVP; enabled Dark Zone. All of these things, these are all massive risks for our project. It’s a great creative idea, and if you pull it off it’s amazing, but it’s a huge amount of risk that you pile up.”

“So I just think that the time that it took is the time it needed to take to do it right. And, you know, Massive is fortunate [enough] to work with Ubisoft, that I’ve been with for 15 years, and they really believe in quality and pushing this kind of content. So, having this time to do things right is an issue because it costs money, but it’s a worthwhile investment.”

The Division is coming to PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on March 8. Be sure to pick it up.

Source: Gamerant

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