Ubisoft Combines Scientific Research with Gaming through their New AI Wing La Forte

Ubisoft's new research wing called La Forte is currently working on combined research of AI to use it for both academic and recreational purposes.

Artificial Intelligence has been a part of gaming for as long as we can remember. I mean, how else are you going to play single-player games, right? However, there was no real advantage to infusing the academic spectrum of AI with the gaming one. Ubisoft, however, seems adamant about finding a middle ground.

The new Ubisoft research wing known as La Forte aims to combine the research of AI and use it for both academic and recreational purposes. This new wing not only has Ubisoft employees but also many academics who work in conjunction to make strides in both of their respective fields.

An example of this can be seen in Watch Dogs 2. As the company wanted to create a smaller version of the San Francisco Bay, they had to develop AI-guided cars and pedestrians. This research could be perfect for academics who are trying to develop self-driving cars.

The technology used in Watch Dogs 2 could be used by scientists to test how their self-driving cars perform in tricky situations, without having to potentially risk lives by testing their vehicles on an actual road.

Apart from this, academics could utilize the data collected by Ubisoft to detect malicious or toxic behavior online and perform updates to their robots and prosthetic limbs to make the function like humans.

The new wing is still in its early days, and it remains to be seen just how useful it can prove to be. However, we at Segment Next are here to provide you with all of the details of this project as it unfolds, so stay tuned for more updates!

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