Tribes of Midgard Startup Crashes, Matchmaking Error, FPS Drops and Fixes

Tribes of Midgard is now available on Steam and is also quite popular right now. However, some users are facing problems while trying to play the game. So, in this guide, we’ll cover some common errors and fixes so that can enjoy Tribes of Midgard without any technical difficulties.

Tribes of Midgard Errors and Fixes

So, let’s start by troubleshooting with some basic fixes that you should try before going in to play the game. Attempt these especially if the error you’re facing involves Crashing at startup, lagging, or FPS drops.

Matchmaking Error

Since the game just came out, it is understandable that online connectivity is a bit iffy for a lot of people. Tribes of Midgard allows you to matchmake and play the game with randoms if you don’t have any friends to play with.

Unfortunately, the matchmaking is pretty broken right now and most of the time people either end up alone in a lobby or end up with players from the other end of the world instead of their own region.

The developers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Until then, it is best to find some friends to play with and set a custom player limit for the match so your party doesn’t end up with players from other regions.

Stuck on Loading Screen Fix

Gamers are facing an error with Tribes of Midgard which leaves them, stuck on a loading screen with nothing happening. The possible solution for that is to make sure you have updated drivers and then simply restart the game. This will fix the error if it is from the user side.

The other reason it can happen is because of a server-side problem and you can do nothing about that you just have to wait. Let them know and wait for the problem to be resolved.

Update Windows

You have to make sure your Windows is up to date by going to settings and check for updates. You can also go to the update history and check that all the update packages are installed.

Update Graphics Drivers

Updated graphics drivers are very important for playing any game smoothly. So, you should update all of your graphic drivers before playing the game as this will prevent some errors from occurring.

Change In-Game Settings in Steam

The next thing you can do is disable the pesky Steam Overlay in the Steam app settings. From there, select the in-game tab and you will see a checked box on the top saying “Enable Steam Overlay while in-game”. You have to uncheck that box if it is unchecked already then you are good to go.

Change Discord Settings

Now the next thing is changing some Discord settings. You have to go to the Discord user settings and from there, scroll down to Voice and Video tab and click on it. Then go to the advanced settings.  Here you have to disable “OpenH265 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.”

The next step is to go to the Overlay tab right below Voice and Video and disable the “Enable in-game Overlay” from there as well if not already disabled.

Now go to the Appearance tab and scroll down to Advanced.  You will find Hardware Acceleration setting here which you have to disable. Now you can restart the system and try to play the game it should have fixed some issue.

Now let’s talk about some errors you might see while attempting to play the game.

Remove Temporary Files

If your game is not working even after following the above-mentioned steps you should try removing temporary files from the Registry. From this, you have to press the Window + R key and after that type “%temp%” and click ok.

This will show you all the temporary files. You can select and delete the files from here and after that restart the system and game as well.

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