Where is the Rosellan Key (Chapter 12) in Triangle Strategy

When players reach Chapter 12 in Triangle Strategy, they will have to find the Rosellan Key as part of a quest called “In the Still of the Night”. This will be an important quest for players to complete because without the key, they will not be able to advance the storyline. The following guide will explain just how to find the Rosellan Key in Triangle Strategy.

Where is the Rosellan Key (Chapter 12) in Triangle Strategy

The key here is actually evidence that players need to find to help Prince Serenoa and House Wolffort against an invading Hyzante army.

The key is a huge chunk of Pink Salt that is evidence against the central doctrine driving the nation of Hyzante. Finding the key will buy House Wolffort some time and help them in the war. Failing to find the key will however end the game, forcing players to reload and start over.

Prince Serenoa believes that the key is hidden among the Rosellan Refugees in his village. The key is in the village but finding the Rosellan key is a task that may be frustrating.

If you go to the village and explore, there will be a couple of items of interest with which you can interact.

The players will discover Pink Mirror in the corner and a Pink Pelt sitting inside a villager’s dwelling. You will be able to interact with their corresponding villagers and after ending the search, these items will be added to your dialogue tree.

The items however are merely a trick and a smokescreen. The actual key is in the Eder’s House.

Go to the Elder’s House and talk to him. He’ll say to Prince Sereona that there’s nothing in his house to look for. This certainly arise suspicion and you must search his house now.

Go and talk to Benedict and he will prompt Sereona to get Elder out of the house. Elder will resist and you will have to talk to Fredrica. The prince will be able to convince Elder to leave the house.

Now it is your turn to search Elder’s house thoroughly. There you’ll find a Pink Rock that actually is the key you are looking for.

Your search will come to an end there, and a cutscene will begin to ask players to choose an option. The game will end after an option has been selected.

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