How to Get Medal of Bravery in Triangle Strategy

Medal of Bravery is one of the Promotion Medals you will find in Triangle Strategy. This medal is very important for taking your units to a higher class in Triangle Strategy. This guide will tell you complete details about the Medal of Bravery and how you can get it.

How to Get Medal of Bravery in Triangle Strategy

You can use Medal of Bravery for upgrading characters from the Recruit to the Veteran Rank. You can only do this after reaching level 10. This upgrade will increase the stats for the characters and unlock new abilities as well.

There are two ways in which you can get the Medal of Bravery in Triangle Strategy, and below we will tell you about both of them separately.

By Completing Chapters and Battles

One way to get the Medal of Bravery is simply by progressing through different battles and chapters of the game.

You will be getting the Medal of Bravery as a reward at the end of chapters and battles. The Medal of Bravery will help you upgrade the units to take out the stronger enemies in the later chapters of the game.

Buy from Sundry Shop

The other way of getting the Medal of Bravery is by buying them from the Sundry Shop in your encampment. You can buy the Medal of Bravery by spending the 30 Kudos points at the Sundry Shop.

You can earn Kudos Points by doing specific actions in the game, like hitting enemies from the backside. You can hit them with abilities and skills they are weak against to get the Kudos Points.

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