How To Trade Items With Players In Elden Ring

While you can trade items with your friends in Co-op in Elden Ring, there are some limitations you should keep in mind.

In Elden Ring, you can gift your friends items you have collected. Elden Ring is widely appreciated by players in single-player mode, however, while it does offer multiplayer, it’s limited in different ways. At least, it lets you trade items with your friends.

The trading system in Elden Ring, though has some limitations but is still an amazing feature and a great help when playing with friends. The following guide will tell you all about trading items with your friends in Elden Ring and what can be traded.

How To Trade Items in Elden Ring

Trading Items with friends is a great feature in Elden Ring, and proves to be a great help as crafting all the items is not that convenient. Therefore, whenever you are playing with a friend, you can trade Items, by following the given steps;

  • The first thing you need to do is stop wherever you are and go to your inventory.
  • As you hit the inventory tab, a list of items will appear. Choose the one you want to give away to your friend.
  • When you click on the item, a dialogue box will appear, hit the Leave Button.
  • Item will drop on the ground, and now your friend can easily pick it up.

What Items You Can Trade in Elden Ring?

While Elden Ring, allow you to trade items easily with your friends, however, this system also has some limitations you should keep in mind when playing with friends. First, for others to see your dropped weapons, they should have a weapon with the same or lower level in their inventory.

Also, in Elden Rings, you can at max drop 8 weapons on the ground. Thus, don’t get overwhelmed by this feature when playing with friends, and choose wisely. Apart, from these limitations, there’s another major limitation that is you can’t trade all items in Elden Ring. Here are the items you can trade;

  • Golden Runes
  • Basic Craftable Materials, that are not upgraded.
  • Hero’s Runes
  • Numen’s Runes
  • Lord’s Runes
  • Talismans
  • Ashes of War
  • Armors and Weapons that are of lower or equal level to one who is going to pick them up.