Tower of Fantasy Satiety and Healing Explained

This guide will outline how Satiety and Healing system works in Tower of Fantasy and how to properly use them to your benefit.

While Tower of Fantasy is as fun and interesting as any traditional MMORPG, it is unique in terms of introducing some mechanics that you may not have interacted with before. Satiety functions quite differently in the game, and even though it is refreshing to play around with something new, it can confuse those who may be just starting out. This guide will outline how Satiety and Healing system works in Tower of Fantasy, so without further ado, let’s begin.

How Does the Satiety System Work in Tower of Fantasy

Satiety is a very different and unique system in Tower of Fantasy. It is a Stat in the game, and its whole mechanism works around passively healing your character when they are outside of the combat. It is a way of recovering your character without actually using other forms of recovery.

Whenever your character exits the battle for 5 seconds, their Satiety will start to drop automatically to restore HP. This effect usually lasts until the player reaches their maximum HP.

Satiety points range from zero to a hundred that will decide the regeneration of your health. And you lose a satiety point whenever the system heals you by 10%. So the higher your range of points, the more you will heal. And once you run out of these points, you no longer will be healing.

The healing system in Tower of Fantasy is similar to any MMORPG you’ve played. You must ensure you’re consuming meals that restore the most HP for your characters.

There are various White, Purple, and Blue grade recipes that players can unlock and cook up to feed their characters. Each food has its own effects, most of which are great for restoring your HP quickly and efficiently.

Following is how the regeneration will work under different ranges of Satiety points and the dots that indicate these ranges.

61-100 Satiety Points (Indicated by Green Dot)
If your Satiety points range from 61 to 100, you will heal with 5% HP every 2 seconds.

31-60 Satiety Points (Indicated by Yellow Dot)
If your Satiety points range from 31-60, you will heal with 3.5% HP every 2 seconds.

1-30 Satiety Points (Indicated by Red Dot)
If your Satiety points range from 1-30, you will heal with 2% HP every 2 seconds.

0 Satiety points
If you don’t have Satiety points, you won’t be able to heal.

How to Get Satiety Points

Now that you know how the Satiety System works in ToF, you also need to ensure that you don’t run out of these points. Once you no longer have them, you won’t be able to heal and will receive much more damage from your enemies than anticipated.

Consuming food is one of the major ways players will restore their Satiety Points in the game. We recommend cooking your food before your character consumes it as it generally restores more Satiety Points than raw foods.

Various foods have their own set of points at which they restore SP, but here are a few as examples;

French Fries
Consuming French Fries will restore 7 Satiety Points.

Meat and Potato Stew
Consuming Meat and Potato Stew will restore 14 Satiety Points.

Brown Rice Bread
Consuming Brown Rice Bread will restore 16 Satiety Points.

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