Torchlight 3 Ancient Weaponry Walkthrough

Torchlight 3 Ancient Weaponry is a story quest featuring one mini-boss and two boss fights and we have the guide to explain it all

Torchlight 3 Ancient Weaponry is a story quest featuring one mini-boss and two boss fights. This quest is divided into four objectives with many encounters on your way to the final boss.

This Ancient Weaponry quest guide will cover up all the basic information needed to finish this main story quest and tips to defeat the final boss of the Crash Course, the Secret Weapon.

Torchlight 3 Ancient Weaponry

The first objective of the Ancient Weaponry quest is to go to the Firebelly Village. This is where you will face your first boss, a unique champion, Overseer Hatelash.

This monster is equipped with a melee weapon so it is recommended to equip your best rifle to inflict critical damage while keeping your distance from him as much as you can.

There will also be some minions with him so keep an eye on them as well.

After completing your first boss fight, head towards the top of your screen where you will find a wooden platform and then go left till you reach a doorway to a village on your right.

Now head straight up while facing Goblins and turn right where you will find a portal to the Evacuated Workshop.

The third objective is to go to the Crash Course within the Evacuated Workshop. So head downwards till you reach a bridge where you will fight Goblin Engineers.

Keep going downwards and eventually, you will find a staircase leading to the mini-boss, Mother Lobbles, which is a legendary champion with a melee weapon.

Use your rifle to beat the mini-boss while keeping your distance from it.

Now go towards the staircase on your left and then turn right and keep going in the same direction while grabbing metals on your way. You will reach the portal that will take you to the Crash Course at the end of the same path.

The Secret Weapon Boss Fight
The final boss fight will take place at the Crash Course which can be quite difficult for some of you. I would recommend equipping your highest level armor and weapons to defeat this boss.

The Secret Weapon will spawn with some Mossrats and Goblin Gunners in a small arena. It is better to deal with the minions first because they will distract you from keeping your focus on the boss which can be a little annoying.

Use a ranged weapon to deal more damage to the boss from a distance and make use of your character’s skills.

These skills can grant bonus damage to your enemies.

Once you have slain the final boss, you will be awarded 100 fame points, 200 gold coins, and special items such as the Magic Shoulders. Now you have successfully completed the Ancient Weaponry quest.

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