Torchlight 2 Errors and Graphics Fixes Guide

List of all the issues and errors affecting Torchlight 2 and how to resolve these problems for a fun gameplay experience

It did well in beta, and developers at Runic Games were quite confident of the stability of the product but there have been some issues that can spoil the fun for you in Torchlight 2. If you have been unable to play the game or facing any in-game issues, you can refer to Torchlight 2 Errors and Graphics Fixes Guide below.

Torchlight 2 Errors and Graphics Fixes

#1 Can’t Login to the Game/Which Account to use for Login?
It should be noted that the account for forums and the one you will use to log into the game are different. For the game account registration, you can follow this link.

#2 Updating Error
If restarting Steam and verifying the integrity of game files don’t work, you may want to delete everything and try a fresh install.

#3 Firewall – Can’t Connect
You may not be able to connect to other players or even log in if your firewall is blocking files. You can confirm it by disabling the firewall and then trying to connect to your friends.

#4 Torchlight 2 Stuttering Problem/Lag Fix
If your computer is good enough to run the game, and you have a stable internet connection, logically, there shouldn’t be any stutter or lag. However, if you are still experiencing it, you may want to give this workaround a try:

DATA.PAK in the Torchlight 2 folder is compressed to reduce the space that can minimize the online distributing costs. You can extract the DATA.PAK archive and pack it again with zero compression. This can make the stutter/lag to go away.

#5 Certificate Authentication Failed, Please Re-Install
You may want to run the windows update to fix the issue. If you don’t have any pending notifications in the update section, you can try this to force the certificate update.

#6 How to Resolve Account Related Issues
Runic Games had a little trouble with accounts management on day 1 of the launch. They claim to have fixed the problem, but if you are still experiencing any problem related to your account, you can contact them – ‘support at’.

#7 Display Driver Crash
I think it’s obvious that you need to change the video drivers you are using for your GFX. If the latest version is not working, you should roll back to a more stable release.

#8 How to Link Steam Account
You will be able to spot ‘Manage Account’ option under the main login tab. Use it to link your account with Steam.

#9 Torchlight 2 – Duplicate Login Error
If you were forced logged out, there are chances that you may face this error when you try to login again. You can either restart your router or wait a bit until the server marks you as logged out in the first place.

#10 Torchlight 2 Black Screen Fix
You can fix this issue by running the game in Windowed mode. Just add “-window” at the end where it says target in the properties of Torchlight II executable file.

#11 Torchlight 2 Error 404 When Linking to Steam Account
Like I said, there were some problems initially at the developer’s end. The error corresponds to the server connection or something that is bound to be updated in the future which has been fixed now. You can try the linking procedure again.

#12 I/O Error
If you are sure that your hard drive has sufficient free space, and you have run Chkdisk at-least once, then the best bet is that you delete all the local content and re-download the game.

#13 Torchlight 2 will not Start with Mod Launcher
Your game might be launching up correctly without the Mod Launcher; but if it is refusing to start with the mod launcher then try the following solution:

Head to Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2 , and delete the modlauncher.sch file, this file is probably corrupt, and re-installing the game will certainly not fix the issue.

If you are experiencing something that isn’t listed in this article, comment and we will try to help you out!

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