Titanfall 2 Preorder Bonus, Release Date, Game Features Like Grappling Hook Leaked?

There have been countless rumors regarding the Titanfall 2 release date, with one suggesting it is going to lock horns with Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 in Q4 2016 and a more recent one claiming an August release date. Now we have another rumor backing the first one, alongside Titanfall 2 preorder bonus details as well as some in-game features.

This is probably the biggest leak the game has had since it was revealed, and if there is some level of legitimacy in it, we have probably been given a much bigger look at the game, alongside an alleged in-game artwork.

Titanfall 2 Preorder Bonus, October Release Date, Grappling Hooks and More!

So according to a Redditor who claims to have spoken with an insider “in the know,” the game is going to release in October after all – despite the fact that Battlefield 1 (another EA title) also comes out on October 21.

This guy has also been given an in-game artwork which has never been seen before, you can check it out below. It features four soldiers taking on a Titan and anenemy soldier as two other Titans follow the first one. The setting is surely more futuristic than what we had in Titanfall, but no wall-running Titans so far.

Moving on, the Titanfall 2 preorder is apparently going to net you a handgun named The Violator. Oh and the left side of the artwork below is going to be the boxart of the game, says the insider – something we weren’t told alongside the teaser or the reveal.

According to the alleged insider, the game is also going to introduce some new abilities and items like the grappling hook. Unlike what the conventional use of the grappling hook, you are also going to be able to use it to get into the Titans, or pull enemies down from midair. Needless to say, it will also aid wall running of the characters.

That is not all, EA is going to bring us much bigger multiplayer maps for the game which could also mean that the maximum player count will also be increased.

Do you like about the Titanfall 2 preorder bonus or the grappling hook feature more? Here’s our take on what we want and do not want from the game, check it out and tell us what you think.

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