Titanfall 2 Cross-Platform Play Supported by Respawn, But No

Respawn Entertainment has explained that the reason that there isn't any Titanfall 2 cross-platform play is because of "outside forces" saying no.

Considering that unlike its first entry, Titanfall 2 is for multiple consoles, one would think that Titanfall 2 cross-platform play would be something that a lot of people would want. Respawn Entertainment knows how you feel. However, despite the studio thinking that it would be a good idea, apparently outside forces are preventing them from acting on it.

The information comes from a Reddit post by a Respawn dev (known only as dko5) on a post from another YouTuber called Frothy, which revealed that Attrition was back and went into detail on the new Titans, new pilot abilities, and more. Dko5 responded to a comment by Reddit user “thegreystash,” who asked if there was any word about Titanfall 2 cross-platform play.

Considering that Titanfall is no longer a Microsoft console exclusive, there’s no real reason for Microsoft or Sony to keep the game all to themselves. While there’s no word about Titanfall 2 being a part of the Xbox One Play Anywhere program, cross-platform play could have still been a thing.

Whether it’s due to a lack of confidence in cross-platform play by Microsoft and EA or some other reason, however, it seems that Rocket League may be the only multi-console game for the time being.

Rocket League has cross-platform play for the Xbox One and PC, and PSyonix has said that they’re also ready to put in cross-platform play for the Xbox and Playstation 4, but are just waiting on Sony’s approval.

Whatever the reason that Respawn can’t put in Titanfall 2 cross-platform play, hopefully the “outside forces” that are keeping it from being implemented will relent if they see how popular the game is now.

Whether it’s Sony (who are responsible for keeping PC mods from getting to the Playstation 4 version of Fallout 4) or Microsoft (who may just want to avoid giving Sony more business), they’re missing out on a pretty big opportunity.

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