Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Classes Tier List

In this guide, we've sorted all of the classes in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands in a tier list to help you choose the best one!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands features a class system and a variety of different classes that can be hard to choose from. Since we know how painful it is to start a new game just to change your class after realizing it wasn’t for you, this guide will point out the Best Classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and sort them into a handy tier list.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Classes Tier List

Selecting the perfect class in any game can be a difficult choice for many players as they want the best experience when playing the game. This is also made much more confusing as picking a bad class will ruin your experience of the game.

Below, we’ve sorted all of the classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in a tier list to help you choose the best one!

Tier Class
S Spore Warden, Spellshot
A Stabbomancer, Clawbringer
B Graveborn
C Brrzerker

S Tier Classes

Spore Warden

The best all-rounder class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Spore Warden is perfect for players who wish to learn the game at a steady pace and experience as much as they can.

You get the Mushroom pet to aid you in battles, and since it is a very tanky pet, Mushroom pet will help you distract your enemies from you.  You can opt for different playstyles with this single class.

Spore Warden’s Feat is the Mushroom Companion. As mentioned, Mushroom pet can be very useful, as he can charge enemies that you have tagged for him, and his tanky stats allow him to act as a bullet sponge for you.

For passive skills, you can get three skills, all for your Mushroom Pet. The first increases his health and damage, the second allows him to do a fart attack on the enemies (literally) and the third passive skill allows your Mushroom pet to come and revive you.

The third skill is a great choice for solo players who don’t get to play with friends or cannot communicate with random teammates in the game.


Spellshot class is the ultimate damage dealing class. You can dual wield spells and with the right setup, you can literally one-shot your enemies. High Dexterity will increase your Crit Chance and this is only going to make you stronger.

Spellshot’s Feat allows them to stack damage with every spell cast or weapon reload. The stacked damage lasts for quite a while and you can easily obliterate multiple enemies with this ability.

The passive skill for the class allows them to cast spells and reload their weapons faster. This with the class feat can make up for a very dangerous build, as faster casting and reloads will also increase your attack damage, allowing you stack up damage extremely fast and become the biggest force in the fight to be dealt with.

A Tier Classes


The true solo class for those who love playing stealth, Stabbomancer is a great choice for those who haven’t played Borderlands and want to run around the map killing enemies.

The Class feat allows Stabbomancer to have higher Critical Damage then all the other classes. This, with various Critical Damage upgrades in the Skill tree for Stabbomancer makes Critical hits a vital part of his arsenal.

Stabbomancer has two passive skills, one where you can unleash a massive spinning blade that does AoE damage for several seconds.

The second passive skill makes Stabbomancer invisible for a short duration, and all your hits during this time count as Critical, even though they deal less damage then Stabbomancer’s actual critical hits.

Even with all these skills, Stabbmancer lacks in the Vitality department and is weaker than all the classes, to make him balanced.


The class is another all-rounder with good skills and abilities but lacks the high damage output that the classes mentioned above possess. The class is an elemental powerhouse, with lightning in one hand and fire in the other.

Clawbringer’s Class Feat allows him to summon a Dragon pet by his side. The pet can attack enemies with melee attacks, clawing out their eyes, and also breath fire on them since he is a dragon.

Unlike the Spore Warden’s pet, you cannot use your dragon to target enemies and he mostly does his own thing, but it’s good to have bonus damage nonetheless.

The passive for this class allows Clawbringer to focus on one of his three elements, Fire, Lightning and Dragon Pet. You can pick an element for your pet and focus on upgrading the same ability for yourself, allowing you to capitalize on each other’s attacks.

B Tier Class


The most complicated class in the game, Graveborn has the highest survivability in the right hands. Graveborn can leech health off their enemies and use it to replenish their own health by the use of Dark Magic.

This requires Graveborns to be very aggressive and up-close to their enemies to get the most out of the class and be effective. Most of the time, you will need to trade damage with the enemy and make sure any damage you take is healed by leeching off your enemy.

The Class feat allows you to summon a ghost who will float behind you and leech off more health to heal you. Though he is almost useless is the beginning, with certain upgrades, this ghost can become a big help for you as you begin facing more skilled enemies. You can also get a upgrade where any damage you take will be directed to your ghost’s health bar. Consider having a second health bar to dispose of if you need to.

The passive ability focuses on leeching off more health from your enemies and increasing your damage to keep you alive. Life Steal will be the bread and butter of the Graveborn Class to compete in any fight.

C Tier Class


The reason brr-zerker comes last on our list is his lack of a gun. All you have is a melee weapon and you need to be right next to your enemy to use it. This is literally bringing a knife (or an axe) to a gunfight, and this does not end well.

Even though brr-zerker is a tank, just running to your enemies leaves you wide open for them to shoot you and take you down before you can even get to them. Still, the class does have some perks that make it stand out in close range battles.

The Class Feat is Rage of the Ancients, where you activate Enraged every time you use an action skill. With this Enraged activated, you deal additional frost damage on all your attacks.

The passive skill for brr-zerker allows him to increase his frost damage on every melee hit. Your health is increased and your status as a tank, in general, is solidified. Your skill Blood Frenzy restore your health and even restores your Enraged timer for every kill you get.

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