Three New From Software Games Incoming; Armored Core Title Expected

HIdetaka Miyazaki of From Software has confirmed three new games, including a new Armored Core game, a new Dark Souls like title and a weird project.

Everyone loves From Software for what they have done with the Dark Souls games, Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne. However, there is a lot more to come from the Japanese developer if this new interview of Hidetaka Miyazaki is any indication, including, hopefully, a new Armored Core game.

The president of From Software and the game director for the Dark Souls franchise was recently talking to folks at Japanese website 4Gamer where he has revealed that the development studio is currently working on three new projects!

Of course he did not reveal the exact games they are making, but he did give away some hints as to what we can expect.

One of the games is going to be a Dark Souls like action role playing game with a dark fantasy based setting, however, it will approach the setting differently as compared to the Dark Souls games.

The second project they are working on appears to be even more interesting. Apparently, it could either be a new game that builds on ideas that they are going to use from their own previous games, or it could be a reboot of one of their existing franchises.

Miyazaki has left enough direct hints in the same interview to almost confirm that this is going to be a new Armored Core game. Here’s an excerpt (online translation) from what he said on the topic:

Sorry to fans who’ve been waiting for new Armored Core. Its concept is still charming even now. I think Armored Core can re-sublimate with another interesting valuable game. And many of our staffs want to make new AC. Personally AC was also what started my career so I have fondness of it. We don’t have an option to not make a new [Armored Core] game.

Then there is the last title which is going to be totally different from the type of games From Software is known for, and this one is also going to be “weird,” somehow.

Are you excited about getting to play a new Armored Core game?

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