Three New Bethesda Projects in the Works Reveals Todd Howard

Todd Howard has revealed that there are three new Bethesda projects in the works. The question is what will these games be, and when will we see them?

Todd Howard has revealed that three new Bethesda projects are in the works. The question has to be, what will these games be?

Speaking at the 2016 DICE Summit Howard was discussing Fallout 4 and what Bethesda are looking to work on in the future. While promising to support Fallout 4, he also teased these three new Bethesda projects:

“We have three longer-term projects,” Howard teased, adding that they are “different than anything we’ve done before.” At the same time, he stressed that the games, whatever they turn out to be, should feel familiar to fans of Bethesda Game Studios titles in terms of size and scope.

While the games are obviously being kept under wraps, the fact that the games will feel familiar teases fans with some interesting prospects. Could this be leading to a new Elder Scrolls game perhaps? Even if the titles are completely new games, as fans of the company’s style, it still could be an interesting open world title.

With the recent reveal of the Fallout 4 DLC details and price change, it is nice to see some good news from Bethesda. While the new content for Fallout may be interesting, the fact that they are causing the Season Pass to become more expensive isn’t a positive move.

When it comes to the fans though, what will they want from the new Bethesda projects? It will be too soon for another Fallout game, but it is prime time for an Elder Scrolls title. What else could come? I’m sure this news is going to cause quite a bit of excitement in the gaming community.

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