THQ Won’t Have a Booth at this Year’s E3

THQ has officially revealed that they won't have a booth at E3.

The publisher has reported that they won’t have a booth at this year’s E3. However, that doesn’t mean the troubled company will be skipping the event altogether, they’ll still have a presence — albeit, at a more “limited” capacity.

THQ has issued the following statement regarding its decision.

We’re not producing a booth, but we will be participating in E3. We will be showing games to the E3 judges at their event coming up, and we’ll be hosting a press and business center at the show for meetings (as well as participating with first party activities).

Of course, people might see this as more signs that the publisher is in deep water, but do keep in mind that spending money on extravagant booths isn’t really the best thing to do right now — especially seeing as the company has trouble financing its games as it is.

Hopefully, the publisher can bounce back from this next year so we can see them partake in all that glitz and glamour once again, no?

Source: GamesIndustry

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