THQ Innovates Wrestling Games With WWE 12

THQ innovates world wrestling entertainment games with the new innovative features based on fan feedback.

E3 has always been a feast for gamers. This year if won’t be different. Developers across the globe will reveal their future plans and like every year, we can expect some big surprises.

THQ will have something for the WWE fans as WWE ’12 is set to release this November. At E3 2011, there will be a short Demo to display the new mechanics of the game. According to Cory Ledesma, the Creative Director of WWE ’12:

We will be showing off a 1-on-1 match so that people can come by and take an early look on how the new and improved gameplay experience is looking. We will have four playable Superstars available, including one Superstar making his WWE game debut! The rest I can’t reveal just yet

You might be wondering that why is there a name change? The most probable reason could be that the Smackdown Vs Raw was loosing it’s appeal and more importantly there have been some drastic changes in the gameplay.

WWE ’12 is far from just a name change. Our goal has been to create a brand new experience with a new, high quality animation system, a new renderer and a new strategic gameplay experience that will look, feel and play substantially better than its predecessors.

The first trailer of the game has made it to the youtube, though it doesn’t really show anything about the game. Heck, you wouldn’t even know it’s a game unless you were told as points out a comment on the video.

Anyway, according the developer, the new animation system will make wrestlers look more physical performing the moves as in real time. Better rendering always always impart pleasing effects. There won’t be any analogue grapples which are replaced by the face button attacks. The submission system has also been changed which includes a sort of mini game where players will tap buttons to deal with the on going submission.

Wake up taunts have been introduced to make the game more fun while a player is about to finish the match. Camera angle has also been changed to present a more cinematic view. AI has been improved to get rid of move spamming.

Although there has been changes but the basic essence still remains the same as stated by Corey:

We aren’t changing the game entirely or completely ripping everything out to start over. That wasn’t the goal

He also told that they have taken good features from the past games and introduced features that they think were missing after a lot of feedback from the fans. Those who have been following the series will surely notice the difference and if you are among the ones who haven’t tested the franchise yet, then this game can be a better debut for you.

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