This is the Craziest Pokemon Sun and Moon Story Theory You’ll Ever Come Across

The weirdest Pokemon Sun and Moon story theory relates the games with Alchemy, Hebrew mythology, AZOTH, Shaymin and much more.

In the first two information dumps relating to the latest Pokemon games, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have shared a lot of stuff with us about the Alola region as well as the two legendaries. However, they are yet to start talking about the Pokemon Sun and Moon story setting.

If you are a returning fan of the Pokemon games you would agree that it is probably the franchise that fans theorize the most about, there are so many speculations and so many predictions that it gets mindboggling.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Story Theory Relates it With AZOTH, Alchemy, Hebrew Mythology and Whatnot

However, you haven’t even scratched the surface yet if you haven’t come across this beast of a plot theory that claims the twin games have their roots in things like planetary alignments, Alchemy, Project AZOTH, Hebrew language and whatnot.

While the entire theory is going to be the size of a small booklet, we will just summarize it for you here.

The video below takes you through each step of the Pokemon Sun and Moon story theory, claiming that it is going to have something to do with Project Azoth and the energies created by AZ, the former king of the Kalos region in Pokemon X and Y.

Among other reasons being given, they talk about the setting of the latest Pokemon movie which is also set in the Azoth Kingdom.

The word Azoth has a real world meaning too, in Alchemy it is the agent of transformation that is directly related to a hidden energy that allows transmutation possible in Pokemon games.

The theory even goes on to relate this with Hebrew mythology and Hebrew gods, one of which is then related to Arceus the Pokemon who created the Pokemon world.

That is not all, the Hebrew world of divine fiery water, Shamayim is also related to Sun and Moon elements suggesting that it has a lot to do with the Pokemon Sun and Moon story. Why is that important? Because that name sounds almost like the mythical Pokemon Shaymin. Could Shaymin relate to the story of Solgaleo and Lunaala?

Honestly, we are still just scratching the surface of the theory at hand with just the background of everything involved. The video below has a very detailed summary of the entire theory, including parts we have mentioned and the majority that is yet to be explained.

Check out the weirdest Pokemon Sun and Moon story theory above and tell us if you think any of this could be true?

Pokemon Sun and Moon is going to be released exclusively on Nintendo 3DS, and we just can’t wait for The Pokemon Company and Game Freak to start talking about the story.

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