This Gears of War Controller Looks Like it has been Through Hell

This is by far the most impressive design for a Gears of War controller, or a controller for that matter.

While Gears of War Judgment was the last game we saw in the series, there was word that a new game would come out very soon thanks to Microsoft and Black Tusk Studios.

Now, we have landed up on a new custom Gears of War controller which revives my love for the franchise and pushes higher the need for another game in the series.

The thing we are talking about has been designed by End of Line Designs whom I have come to love for their artsy take at everything. While this might be the only time you would be okay with having a ragged bandage rolled over your controller, it also is one of the best pieces of work when it comes to videogame controller designs.

As you can see from the image above, and the gallery below, the Xbox 360 controller looks more like a worn out component from a tank more appropriately from the gear of our characters in the game itself.

You see blood stains on the right side, a bandage covering the right side of the controller and everything else in pure metallic finish. Even the Xbox symbol on the center has been replaced by a luminescent skull.

I am sure anyone of the fans would love to play the next game (if there would be one) in the series with this.

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