Thief Safe Unlock Combinations, Codes and Puzzle Solutions Guide

Thief Safe Unlock combinations and puzzle solutions to crack open every vault in the game.

As Garrett – the Master Thief, your task is to plunder everything you can get your hands on. The city is swarming with common loot and collectible loot, which can be easily found.

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Thief Safe Unlock Combinations and Puzzle Solutions

When it comes to real treasure, it is not that easy to obtain.

Inhabitants of The City have hid their valuables well inside locked vaults. However, we have discovered all the vaults locations and ways to breach the security.

Read on to know the locations of these vaults and how to get them opened:

Safe #1
Location: Serendi Jeweler’s Cellar – Chapter #1
Reward: Lyegrove’s Jeweled Mask

While playing the game, you will be required to enter the Jeweler’s Shop. Head to the basement and knock out the Jeweler.

There will be a document containing the lock-code for the vault on the desk. Pick it up if you want and head to the safe. Open it up using 7.3.9 as the code and grab the treasure.

Safe #2
Location: Miss Scarlett’s Town House – Beauty Within (Side-Quest)
Reward: Miss Scarlett’s Hand Mirror

Like I have aforementioned, this treasure can only be found after accepting Beauty Within side-quest from Basso.

After accepting the mission, come out from your den and head to Miss Scarlett’s Town House near the Clock Tower Bookbinders. Enter inside the house and take out the Miss Scarlett’s patrolling father.

Once you have taken him out, you need to find the safe. In order to find it, head to Main Floor of the house and look for the safe on the South side. To find the unlock code; enter the cabinet situated at the North end of the room and look to your right.

You can use your Focus to know the code but for your convenience, it is 8.2.4. Unlock the safe and grab the mirror from inside to complete the side-quest as well as grab the loot.

Safe #3
Location: Workshop – Chapter #3
Reward: Soul of the Automation

You need to head inside the Workshop to locate this safe. Finding the vault is pretty easy but finding the code is not.

Since the code is a three-digit number, you will find the first digit from the back of the mechanical man. The second digit can be found on the mechanical skill on the chair. You can use your Focus ability to find these numbers easily.

As for the last digit, you need to enter any random number until you unlock the safe. But why use hit-and-trial when you can use 3.1.4 and claim the loot.

Safe #4
Location: Sick Willy’s Stash – The City
Reward: Earrings and Necklace

This vault is one of the most difficult vaults to find because it is situated in The City and is not a part of any side-activity. Anyway, head to the South side of the area and after coming to Baron’s Way South, find a ravel that can be run down by a Blunt Arrow.

Ascend up the ladder and instead of going in the open window, head further upwards to find a closed window. Open it up; the code will be 8.4.2 and grab the necklace and some earrings from inside.

Safe #5
Location: Madam Xiao-Xiao’s Private Chamber – Chapter #3
Reward: A necklace and a pocket-watch

You need to get inside Madam Xiao-Xiao’s Private Chamber and make way to her office. While on your way to progress through the game, you will pass by this room at least once. As for finding the document containing the code, it can
be found in the Brothel.

Get to the vault and enter 5.7.3 as the code to open it and plunder the collectibles inside. These things will not be rare but are worth it.

Safe #6
Location: The Keep – Chapter #4
Reward: N/A

You will come across this vault while playing the main storyline. To open this vault, you need to get the code which can be found inside the Architect’s Study Room. As for the safe itself, you need to get to the Safe Chamber.

There is one crucial thing here to note. Before you go in to enter the code, you must restart the lock mechanism which can be accessed by looking for them at both sides of the safe.

Once you have successfully done that, you need to enter the two combinations; one on left-hand-side and the other one on right-hand-side. The combination on the left-hand-side is 3.1.9 and the code for right-hand-side is 0.1.8.

Safe #7
Location: Room #3E – Chapter #5
Rewards: Ivory Circle

You need to head to the treatment level of the Asylum and power up the generator. The safe in discussion is located in Room #3E. If you want to have the code, you can grab it at the very beginning of the chapter.

Anyway, enter the 7.3.1 and grab the Ivory Circle.

Safe #8
Location: Mourning-side – Check Mate (Side-Quest)
Reward: Chess Piece

As I have aforementioned, you must accept Check Mate side-quest from Basso. In order to get to the designated location, you need to head to the Shady Merchant. Near this area will be some crates which can be climbed on to reach Archie Maxwell’s House.

The owner of the house will be on patrol so keep an eye out on him. Either knock him or find a workaround to get to the basement. Find the vault and enter the code 7.7.6 to open it and grab the collectibles inside to complete the side-quest.

And be warned! The basement will be full of traps.

Safe #9
Location: East Lounge – Chapter #6
Reward: Sapphire Circle

You need to get inside the Baron’s House and look for two guards outside a room. This is the room where the vault is located. Knock them out and get to the safe.

The code can be gathered from a guard near the library. After you have acquired the code, get to the place mentioned above and enter 8.8.9 to receive the reward.

Safe #10
Location: West Hall – Chapter #6
Reward: Random Loot

This vault is pretty easy to find. While on the Chapter #6, head to the West Hall and you will see a guard patrolling outside a room. The vault is located within this room.

The code you need to enter is 0.1.7. Enter it, grab the loot, and move on with the mission.

Safe #11
Location: Loading Docks Interior – Chapter #7
Rewards: 100G

While on the Chapter #7, you will take an elevator and encounter some guards. One guard will be standing outside a tunnel.

You need to get inside this tunnel to get to the vault. The code that you need to enter is 6.7.3. Unlock the vault and grab the valuables inside.

Safe #12
Location: Wine Cellar – Client Job #4
Reward: Octopuss

You need to accept The Carnal Connoisseur side-quest from Vittori to get to this vault. In order to locate the vault, you need to head inside Wine Cellar and look for it behind a painting.

The painting in discussion will have two switches that can be triggered to reveal the safe. Enter 8.1.2 code which will unlock a hidden door. Go through that door and grab the valuables inside.

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