There Are More Unannounced PS4 Exclusive Titles To Be Revealed

During E3 2018, Sony revealed sever new PS4 exclusives, most of which don’t have a stated release date yet. If you thought that the company’s E3 conference this year wasn’t “huge” enough this year, you better think twice since more titles are still unannounced for the console.

Sony’s conference on E3 was fast and on point, this year, showing gameplay footage for many titles that we were hoping to see in action like The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding. However, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, has revealed that there’s more to their cast of PS4 exclusive titles than what we’ve seen at that time. During an interview with Jagat Review, he said:

“In terms of if there are any unannounced PS4 titles in development, yes, there are”

What Yoshida pointed out after his statement is that there’s no word as to when Sony will announce those PS4 exclusive titles. This is fine by us since there’s a ton of new games to play on the console before they come along. We wouldn’t want to see all titles planned for Sony yet, would we?

PlayStation 4 is said to be entering the final phase of its life cycle, with rumors wanting the next console – presumably PlayStation 5 – to get released as soon as 2020. If that is true then we expect all those titles that were revealed and all those PS4 exclusive titles that are still unannounced to be released before that time.

The possibility of PlayStation 5 featuring backward compatibility is getting even stronger if you take all the mentioned information in mind. If there are such big titles coming in the future then Sony wouldn’t want them to be scraped so easily with the release of a new console. Releasing new versions of the same games is also a bit far fetched so this possibility isn’t so easy either.

Long story short, all announced and unannounced PS4 exclusive titles might have a release date of something more than a year. Yeah, that includes Death Stranding. Excited yet?

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