The Witcher 2: The Harpy Contract Walkthrough

Getting the Harpy traps is a must to complete this Contract.

To get The Harpy Contract in the Witcher 2, go to the Inn in Vergen. Just by the stairs, you’ll find a notice board. Interact with the board and collect the note for the Harpy Contract.

There is another quest, Queen Harpy Contract, so pick it up to complete them together. Now go to Cecil as you need his help. After you convince him to kill the harpies, he opens The Quarry, home to most of the harpies.

How to kill Harpies in The Witcher 2

To understand how to kill Harpies, you must first know about them. You can get the information by killing Harpies or buying a book, Harpies – Daughters of the Gale, from Felicia Cori. Both methods will help you learn you need Harpy traps to destroy them.

You can buy the Harpy Traps from Haggard, Thorak, or Earso in the Vergen marketplace. If you want to craft them, get the Formula from them instead and go to any crafter. Craft up to 10 Harpy Traps; you need seven for the quest and three more as extras.

Now go towards the Old Quarry area and find harpies. Once you see some, place a harpy trap out in the open and stand a little behind. The harpies would fly towards you, and in the process, one would pick up the trap and go away.

After a while, you’ll hear the harpy’s screech, signaling that the trap exploded on the nest in The Witcher 2: The Harpy Contract.

Do this four times, as the old quarry has only four nests. Don’t place the trap twice in the same area. After destroying four nests, go towards The Quarry. Go inside, and immediately, some harpies will come down to attack. Place the trap in the middle as fast as possible.

Continue and do this three times. Once all seven nests are destroyed, the Harpy Contract will be completed in The Witcher 2. Go back to Cecil and talk to him to get the reward. The reward for this quest is 200 Orens and 100 XP.

After defeating seven harpies, go up a little, and you’ll soon enter a cutscene of Queen Harpy. Defeat her and other minions, which would end the contract. Go back to Cecil, and he’ll reward you 50 Orens and 200 Experience for this quest.

How to fix the Harpy Contract bugs?

The Harpy Contract can be annoying as sometimes the bugs make it harder for the Harpies to notice the trap. They rush at you at that point, and it’s really hard to deal with them all. This mostly happened for the last three traps.

To solve this, it’s better to ensure the traps are in plain sight as much as possible. Don’t put them near rocks or the edge. Have them out in the open so Harpies can notice it.

Another problem players face is that they can’t find the location of the last three Harpy nests in The Witcher 2. To avoid this, ensure you have the Hunting Magic quest on hand. This helps point out the quarry’s location, moving the story forward.

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