How To Trick The Talking Golem In The Witcher 2

Outsmart the Talking Golem and move forward without a fight.

While navigating the underground map below Loc Muinne, you’ll reach your destination of Dearhenna’s laboratory after solving a few riddles. The Talking Golem in The Witcher 2 is near the doorway when the second riddle ends, and the Eye lets you through the door. It states that it only allows guests, not intruders.

You are all intruders, but you must trick this Golem and pass through to complete this mission. This may be hard, but the trick is to confuse him with lies and break his system. This will only happen if you choose the correct options. Therefore, this guide will do just that: provide the correct dialogue options and what to avoid.

How to outsmart the Talking Golem?

Once you go in, he starts talking and reveals that he only lets guests in and kills intruders, so you have to trick him into believing you are a guest. The only way to do this is by breaking his philosophy but using deception and outsmarting him using his own words.

As the conversation starts, don’t choose “This is going nowhere,” as it would trigger the fight with the Talking Golem in The Witcher 2. Ask away all three other options and learn how his mind works. When done, select the I know enough option, and the real conversation of cautious answers will begin.

From here on, choose the following options. Make sure not to use any tactic like the Axii sign if you want the process to go smoothly. Here’s the list of all the right options in order.

  1. I know you’re a guardian, and I respect that.
  2. I’m a guest here, and I wish to talk.
  3. Let’s talk about lies and delusions.
  4. Only you and the master’s will exist. Everything else is doubtful.

After this, Geralt will handle the rest, elaborating on the lies and how you can be tricked. The Talking Golem in The Witcher 2 is a robot; thus, facing this contradiction, it would break apart. This would now leave the area free to be explored. Breaking him would also reveal an achievement called Goelm’s Trophy.

What not to do while tricking the talking Golem?

While having the conversation with him. Here are a few things you need to be careful of. All of the wrong answers would lead to a fight against three metal golems, which is a challenging task, so it’s preferable to just go with the talking. But if you want, you can check their outcome by selecting any of these.

  • Don’t charm him. He is a robot and would deter you using deceit, leading to a fight.
  • If you push to know about his name, he would lash out.
  • Don’t offer to free him with Dearhenna’s notes or demand hospitality.
  • Avoid posing as Dearhenna, as he knows you are not.

If you want to fight willingly, choose It’s going nowhere, and the fight will start in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. This is for the ones who don’t want to spend more time looking for a conversation and believe in brute force.

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