The Witcher 2: A Score To Settle Quest Walkthrough

In A Score to Settle quest, you must engage in some interesting fights to earn some good rewards.

A Score to Settle is a fistfighting quest in The Witcher 2 that you can start in Chapter 2 as you engage in a fistfight. It is unrelated to the main story; you can complete it in Chapter 3. However, A Score to Settle incorporates the opponents’ interaction in Geralt’s story. If you are having trouble completing this quest, don’t worry; we will help you.

How to complete A Score To Settle Quest?

To complete A Score to Settle a quest, you must engage in basic fistfights in a tavern or camp (depending on your path). Winning these fistfights is easy as you have to focus on what button is flashing on the screen.

Keep your eyes glued to your character; randomly, a button will appear around it. Just continue to press the button that appears, and you will win the Fistfight in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Roche’s Path

If you are playing with Roche as your ally, go to the Blue Stripes Camp and approach several soldiers by the side. Talk to them, and they will ask for your fighting skills. This will lead to a fistfighting battle. After this first one, Verson Roche will approach you and offer a fight. Accept it and defeat him to continue.

For the third fight, a Kaedweni soldier named Burton will challenge you. Defeating him is similar to before, so follow the flashing buttons and win. This will fetch you a good reward in The Witcher 2: A Score to Settle quest.

Progress with the story, and you’ll soon find Burton as you enter the market square in Loc Muinne. As you go near, he will approach you himself, so you won’t need to find him. The Fistfight will begin as you accept his offer. Once you defeat him, the quest will conclude, and you’ll get 150 XP.

Lorveth’s Path

For the Iorveth path, you will come across the fistfighting quest, One on One: Vergen. Talk to the man in charge and bet the coins you want. Fight in three 1 on 1 fistfights continuously, and you’ll be named the champion. Just as the man in charge compliments you, you’ll be approached by Silgreat, an Aedirnian noble.

If you accept his offer, the fight will start in The Witcher 2: A Score to Settle. It is the same as any other fight, so go through it as usual. Press the right buttons, and he’ll be defeated. You’ll get the reward, and the quest will end.

Later, when you reach Loc Muinne city, go towards the ruins on the north side. Here, in one of the side rooms where some people are playing dice on a table, you’ll find Silgreat. He will challenge you to humiliate him. This will start a similar fistfight, and you can win again to get 150 XP in The Witcher 2.

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