The Walking Dead: Our World Beginners Guide

Take on zombies like those that you have never before in this location-based game. Follow our The Walking Dead Our World Beginners Guide for getting good at the zombie-hunting business.

The Walking Dead: Our World Beginners Guide

In this mobile game, you use your real-world location to complete various tasks and challenges. You will get a chance to kind of role-play being in a post-apocalyptic world.

The crux of the game is still about survival including the search for supplies, forming factions but most importantly: tackling the zombie threat.

The majority of these missions involve using your firearms against a horde of the undead so it is more useful to understand how combat works and how you can become better at it.

When it comes to shooting, always aim for the head.

This will instantly put down a walker and help you clear out hordes of enemies.

Also, take your aim freely and patiently, as the walkers will not advance towards you until they are fired upon.

Combat Tips

To improve combat outside of the actual fight i.e. improve your fighting ability you will need to level up your character.

While a decent amount of hero cards drop in combat that you can later utilize to level up your character, you would still need coins to get the rarer cards and upgrade them.

To maximize coins earned and the energy gained, you can activate perk cards like Duffel Bag and Go Bag. Energy is essential because it helps you carry out as many tasks as possible.

In addition to the main tasks, the game also hosts daily and weekly events that give you extra rewards including weapons.

Joining a clan will help you get these rewards quicker as each member can contribute to these challenges.

Lastly look out for notes left behind by other survivors. These will help you remain alert about a threat nearby or even point you towards a weapon location.

Therefore, be prepared, roam around and always keep your one hand on the weapon.

How to Use Buildings

As soon as you complete a rescue mission, you’ll be assigned to drop a survivor at a safe place. There may be a total of three survivors kept during your initial try but, the numbers can increase with the help of a Dale’s RV perk.

Since you’re tasked to find a safe place for the survivors. The best and the safest places are buildings (user-generated buildings).

There are four types of Buildings in the game. Through each Building you’ll receive coins for upgrading cards along with few card types. These are the four types of buildings in Our World:

Armory (10 Armory tokens) – weapon cards

Shelter (10 Shelter tokens) – hero cards

Trading Post (10 Trading tokens) – coins

Warehouse (10 Warehouse tokens) – perk cards

Tokens are necessary for placing the buildings on your map, therefore collect the token to continue your task. Just keep in mind to not get greedy since you’ll have to upgrade your buildings a lot in order to receive rare cards.

On each level, you’ll need more survivors to upgrade the buildings. Once you’ve upgraded a building, the timer resets 10 days which then causes the defenses to drop once it runs out.

However, you can prevent this by spending gold and maintaining the defensive system of your building in case you’re not close to reaching the next level.

How to Get Gold

One of the most puzzling items in Our Word is Gold. Gold can be spent on a lot of things; as mentioned before upgrading building defense. Therefore, it’s an essential part of the game.

There are few ways you can earn Gold such as taking survivors to the Trading Posts, completing challenges (Raider Outposts and Infestations).

Once you’ve earned your Gold, make sure to spend it wisely since it’s really hard to earn it.

How to Get Coins

There are a few ways to receive more coins in Our World. Perhaps the best method is simply joining a group and keeping your mind focused on challenges.

Why is this the best method? A simple answer is that you’ll receive coins even after any of your members completes the mission. Meaning you don’t want to work hard for it.

The second method is placing Trade Posts near your location; the place where you reside. More options are available like answering flares which give tons of coins.

In the end make sure to upgrade Morgan’s Go Bag cards to upgrade your Coin Cap, in case your storage is full.

This is all we have in our The Walking Dead: Our World Beginners Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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