The Tiny Bang Story Puzzles Solutions Guide – How to Solve, Hints and Tips

In this The Tiny Bang Story Puzzles Solutions Guide, we have created a list of all puzzles solutions that do not have a proper solution in the game when using hints.

You, travelers, must be here because you were stuck somewhere in the game. Perhaps in a puzzle somewhere? No problem! We have got you covered.

Pipes Puzzle
Starting with the first one, the Pipes Puzzle. This is the puzzle where players have to create a path to move something (and we mean anything: the only limit is your imagination) from the pipes in the bottom to the pipes on the right.

You can solve this by placing the valves on five of the ten given joints. For the sake of creativity, we have added Potato-san and Apple-san.

Pipes Puzzles

These are the places you will need to place the valves to solve the puzzle:

Pipes Puzzle Completed

And that is it! You have finally solved the first puzzle in our The Tiny Bang Story Puzzles Solutions Guide and Potato-san and Apples-san are very happy. Good for them, right?

Boat Puzzle
Moving onto the other puzzle, boats puzzle is a very similar puzzle. For boat puzzle, all you need to do is make the same colored boats meet and this is where it gets difficult:

Boats Puzzle

There are 4 different colored boats. It is a bit difficult for our colorblind friends and that is exactly why we have come up with a solution for this one.

Boats Puzzle Solution

This is da wae the boats should go through. A hint is to stay as conservative as possible while making this route. And that’s it; you’ve solved the Boat Puzzle too! Sorry no more potato-san or apple-san, writer-san is very tired.

Anyways, thanks for reading our The Tiny Bang Story Puzzles Solutions Guide. Also, be sure to let us know in the comments what puzzle you do want us to solve in the next guide for this game and maybe I’ll secretly hire the whole vegetables-san factory for you guys, after all, vegetables are healthy, aren’t they?!

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