The Surge Complete Edition Currently Available For Free For PS Plus Subscribers

You can pick up The Surge Complete Edition for free if you're a Playstation Plus subscriber, apparently due to a glitch in the store.

The Playstation Store is apparently offering The Surge Complete Edition for free for Playstation Plus subscribers, which is odd because that game isn’t part of the June PS Plus game selection that will allow players to get two games for free. Whether it’s a glitch or a deliberate choice remains to be seen.

The Surge is a Soulslike game produced by Deck 13, the developer of the original Lords of the Fallen game. It tells the story of a formerly paraplegic man named Warren, who applies to work at the megacorporation known as CREO. After a horrific surgery where an exo-suit is grafted onto his body without anesthetic, he wakes up in a devastated facility and must find out what happened, cutting through insane cyborgs and other robots on the way.

While The Surge Complete Edition says that it’s on sale for $20.41 if you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber, actually clicking on the cart and buying the game will show that you’re not paying anything at all. It’s likely that this whole thing is a glitch in the Playstation store, but it’s also an opportunity if you’ve wanted to buy the game but haven’t gotten the money, this is your chance if you’re part of Playstation Plus.

The fact that it’s the Surge Complete Edition makes the offer even better, because you’ll be getting all of the game’s DLCs along with the original game. This could make it a better deal than XCOM 2 if you’re not getting that, since despite XCOM being a good game it still has a large amount of DLC, while you don’t have to pay an extra cent for the DLC for the Surge.

The ability to get The Surge Complete Edition may not last much longer if Sony decides to fix whatever’s causing it to show up as free for PS Plus subscribers, so if you’re interested in the game and have a Playstation Plus account, see if you can still get it for free.

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