The Surge 2 Developer Shares a Ton of Details – Release Date, Gameplay, Story, and More

Deck13 has announced that the sequel to the game The Surge is under production and a great many things are being changed and added in the upcoming game.

As many of us are excited about the game The Surge 2 that has been announced and is under production, while the team is not ready to show us the game in action they have been generous enough to let us in on some details. What we know so far about the game can give us a good idea of how the game will be in action.

Players will see themselves returned to the dystopian future of an Earth going through an ecological collapse. Your exo-suit will be there for you to help you survive as you will be moving through a rage-filled crowd.

Similar to the first game, should you find a weapon that you fancy, you can cut off the limb of those survivors and fit it to your own Suit.

Talking about the release date of the game we do not have an exact date by the developers Deck13 did say that they will be at the major game shows this year and will share a lot of new stuff regarding the game. Also, there are rumors as well that the game will be coming out sometime in 2019.

Coming to the Enemies, the team of The Surge 2 has its focus set on enemies, they want to expand the enemy behavior in order to make the game more interesting. Enemies will be having advanced AI so they will be able to adapt better to what you are doing and finally they will be hunting in packs.

Talking about the about the Enemies, let us also talk about the combat, Deck13 will be adding a string of new moves that will be not only cool but will pay off when executed properly although if not properly executed it could leave you in the dust. The team also wants to reward this kind of risk-taking because it also gives you a reason to master the moves of the enemies.

The team realized that the drone was not very much used in the first game and for that reason they are giving a more central role for the Drone. So this way you will have a loyal friend that will help you take down your enemies.

Deck13 are making some changes in the weapon section compared to the previous game The Surge where the most of the armory and weapon was repurposed industrial equipment, this time they are moving the action to the city in order to expand the availability of weapons to the players. With the industrial equipment, you will also find garage-built, welded stuff that most of the people will be using to survive in this hazardous, radioactive environment. Also to add, the team is also adding the high-tech, military-grade weaponry.

One of the most interesting things that will be added is that you will be allowed to design your own on-screen persona with the character creator. You will be able to pick your gender and appearance and also be able to decide what kind of playstyle you prefer.

The difficulty level of the game The Surge 2 will be more flexible but not too easy. If you remember one of the main reasons behind the difficulty level of The Surge was the game’s bosses, well they are being revised in the sequel.

That is pretty much all that we know so far about the game hopefully more details will pop up regarding the game in the coming months. Although to be able to see the game in action will be more promising as it will give an image to the speculations.

Source: PCgamesN