The Sims 4 Highest Paying Jobs / Careers Guide

We will go over the 13 highest-paying jobs in The Sims 4 through the base game and expansion packs. Surprisingly, the majority of these jobs are actually from the base game. So, based on this article, even if you only have the base game, you can decide what kind of job you want your Sims to get.

The Sims 4 Highest Paying Jobs / Careers

Tons of careers exist in The Sims 4, some of which are quite lucrative. Sims 4 have three different sorts of careers, some of which impact how the game is played. The Doctor Career is one of them, requiring players to transport their Sim to the employment site. Meanwhile, in some Careers, like the Culinary Career, the Sim operates from home or would be missing for a while.

Simmers must select one of the branches after they reach a specific rank in a Career. You may be working more hours for certain jobs where you’re getting paid more, and that’s why they’re higher-paying, but you may be working fewer hours for some that are high paying just because they have a higher hourly wage. So, it kind of all balances itself out. How many jobs a player chooses also affects how much money they may make.

To find which Career pays you the highest amount in The Sims 4, multiply the hourly wage by the number of working hours to get the Income per day. Multiply the Per day income with the Number of Working Days in a week to get the Income per week.

The jobs mentioned below are the highest-paying careers in the game.

Scientist Career ($11,115)

The Get To Work Expansion Pack includes the Scientist Career. Simmers may accompany their Sims to a job to witness a Scientist’s lifestyle.

Sims would begin working as a lab tech and have various everyday duties to accomplish, including Practice Analysis, upgrading inventions, synthesizing serums, etc.

Once a player gets to rank 10, they will labor 5 days a week, nine hours daily, earning $247. Hence, Sims will receive $2,223 per day and $11,115 per week.

Space Ranger from Astronaut Career ($11,816)

Simmers that choose the Astronaut Career in Sims 4 to get to engage with Aliens and explore space. Increasing your ranks in Logic and Fitness is essential for progression.

When Simmers achieves rank 8, the Astronaut Career divides into two paths. The two branches are Interstellar Smuggler and Space Ranger. Sims begin working seven hours per day and four days a week at $422 an hour at rank 10 in the Space Ranger branch, equating to $2,954 per day and $11,816 per week.

Management from Business Career ($12,000)

In The Sims 4, the Power Couple Scenario’s primary goal is the Business Career. In casual gaming and scenarios, players may truly profit from this Profession. Moreover, promotional tasks are simple because engaging in common conversations levels up Charisma and Logic Skills.

Once you get to rank seven, there are two paths in the business career: Angel Investor and Business Tycoon. Players receive an eight-hour workday, 4 days per week if they choose the Business Tycoon option and advance to rank 10. That means the Sims will be paid $12,000 every week or $3,000 per day.

Boss from Criminal Career ($12,460)

Along with the Main Game, the Criminal Career was released. Players must choose between the Boss or Oracle branch after reaching tier six. At rank 10, players who select the Boss branch earn $445 per hour. As a result, gamers may earn up to $3,115 each day and $12,460 per week.

Diamond Agent from Secret Agent Career ($12,780)

Villain and Diamond Agent are the two divisions of the Secret Agent. Each person’s daily chore will begin with Browsing Intelligence.

The Sim will perform a 15-hour shift, 3 days a week, once gamers achieve the last grade of the first branch. Simmers will be paid $284 per hour, $4,260 per day, or $12,780 per week.

Villain from Secret Agent Career ($12,875)

Individuals who enjoy mayhem should join the villain branch. Players will earn $515 per hour, $2,575 per day, or $12,875 per week for hitting level 11. For  5 days a week, they’ll put in a 5-hour shift.

Investor from Business Career ($12,992)

Since Sims spend much of their time filling out paperwork or making phone calls, the business career seems dull. It might be useful when users investigate stocks and decide to invest in them to earn more Simoleons.

Sims will find the Management and Investor branches if they reach rank 7 of this job. Players’  Sims will become Angel Investors and work four days per week, eight hours a day, after they rank 10 in the Investor branch. They will be paid $406 per hour, $3,248 per day, or $12,992 per week.

Trend Setter from Style Influencer Career ($13,530)

Users will be allowed to select their branch when they achieve rank five in the Style Influencer Career. For players who enjoy creating new clothing trends, this path is ideal. Sims will earn $451 per hour after reaching the Trend Setter branch’s maximum.

That amounts to $2,706 per day or $13,530 per week, which is an amazing wage for a remote job. Despite working remotely, Sims still have to work 5 days per week, a six-hour a day.

Civic Planner from Civil Designer Career ($14,000)

The Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack includes the Civil Designer Career. This Profession is for people who enjoy creating ideas to make their community more environmentally friendly or who adore the concept of reusing and manufacturing.

Green Technician and  Civic Planner are its two divisions. The Civic Planner works 10 hours per day and 4 days per week as a City Master Planner and earns $350 per hour at level 10, which translates to $3,500 per day or $14,000 per week.

Botanist from Gardener Career ($14,700)

The Seasons Expansion Pack includes the Gardener Profession. 1 hour before the start of their work, individuals can choose whether to report to the office or work remotely. At level 4, this Career is divided into Floral Designer and Botanist.

The discipline of botany that delivers excellent pay depends on gardening abilities. At rank 10, gamers will labor 5 days a week for a seven-hour job. They will be paid $420 per hour, which is their wage. That amounts to $14,700 each week or $2,940 every day.

Interstellar Smuggler from Astronaut Career ($14,868)

Space Ranger and Interstellar Smuggler are the two branches of Astronaut Career. The first choice is preferable if players desire to discover space and make a solid living. They will put in 9 hours per day, 4 days per week, at tier 10. The wage is $413 per hour or $3,717 per day. As a result, athletes might earn $14,868 every week.

Stylist from Style Influencer Career ($15,00)

The Stylist branch will be accessible to players when they reach level 6 in the Style Influencer Career.

Players should have their Sim labor 5 days per week and six hours per day if they reach level 10, which will allow them to receive $500 per hour, $3,000 per day, or $15,000 per week.

The Officer from Military Career ($16,880)

Military Career earns the most of any other Career. When Sims get to rank six, they may choose the branch they want to pursue. The pay is equal for both divisions. Five days a week, eight hours are put in by Officers. Gamers receive $3,376 per day or $422 per hour. This implies that an Officer earns a staggering $16,880 each week.

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