The Sims 4 Athlete Career Guide

The Athlete career is one of the many careers in Sims 4 that is quite straightforward. This career allows you to make money using fitness skills. This guide will cover all the details you need about the Athlete career in Sims 4, like its skills, traits, career levels, best mods, and cheats. We’ll also discuss how to make money from this career.

How to Become Athlete in The Sims 4?

You can start working as an Athlete by going to the phone and selecting Find a Job. You can also go to the Career Panel in the bottom right corner and select the Find a Job option .

Here you will find a complete list of available careers. Choose Athlete from the list if you want to advance in this career.

Best Skills and Traits For Athletes

Some of the best skills and traits for the Astronaut are given below.


Maxing out active traits is important for Athletes as this career depends on fitness skills. With this trait, you can get skills quickly, and your Sims will enjoy the exercise. You can say it is a necessary trait for your Athlete career in any branch.

Bracing Breezes

While your Sim is exercising, it will give you an energized moodlet. Because of this, you have a better workout session, and the speed at which you gain skills will be increased.

Loves The Outdoors

As your Sim is going to spend a lot of time outside, this trait is also really important. You will get both Charisma and Fitness with this trait. This trait will help sim stay happy outdoors so you can just go out and have a good running session.


This trait can make your home a better place to gain the Charisma skill. The home will become a better place for you to talk with others.

Athlete Career Levels and Job Ranks

After leveling up 4 times, your career will split into two different branches. The details about the four levels you go through before your career is split into two branches are given below.

Level Job Salary
1 Waterperson $112/day
2 Locker Room Attendant $133/day
3 Team Mascot $196/day
4 Dance Team Captain $273/day

Bodybuilder Career Levels and Job Ranks

Once you have completed the fourth level in your Athlete career, you are given two branches to choose from. The first branch is Bodybuilder, and its levels, jobs, and salaries are given below.

Level Job Salary
5 Personal Trainer $329/day
6 Professional Bodybuilder $399/day
7 Champion Bodybuilder $595/day
8 Trainer to the Stars $894/day
9 Celebrity Bodybuilder $1674/day
10 Mr. or Mrs. Solar System $3000/day

 Pro Athlete Career Levels and Job Ranks

The second branch is Pro Athlete, and its levels, jobs, and salaries are given below.

Level Job Salary
5 Minor Leaguer $357/day
6 Rookie $462/day
7 Starter $602/day
8 All-Star $910/day
9 MVP $1452/day
10 Hall of Famer $1998/day

Athlete Cheats

You can also level up your Athlete career using some cheats. You can access these cheats by heading to the Cheat Console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C.

If you are playing this game on Mac, you can use Command + Shift + C. For Console you can use R1 + R2 + L1 + L2.  For Xbox One, you must press all four shoulder buttons to access the Cheat Console.

Once the Cheat Console appears, type Testingcheats True or Testingcheats and press enter to enable the cheats. For quick promotion, you can type careers.promote athletic, and Athlete will promote to the next level. You can use this cheat till you get to the required level.

You can also max out other skills by using the cheats given below.

  • Fitness:set_skill_level Skill_Fitness 10
  • Charisma:set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10

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