The Secret World Console Commands List

List of useful console commands in The Secret World.

Funcom’s upcoming MMORPG, “The Secret World” is a descent blend of Age of Conan styled gameplay and social networking. Like Fucom’s other games, the in-game features can be accessed in two ways; either by using the console commands, or you can make use of the GUI elements.

Although the user interface has plenty of options but there are certain functions that cannot be used unless you know the right commands.

#1 How to be a Friend

/friend add NAME

You can use this command to be friend with some other user. Just add the name of the user and your request will be sent. And if you want to see the list of online friends, just press Ctrl+F to open the social panel.

#2 How to Invite to Group
If you want to invite someone, click on the character and then right click on the health bar. You will be able to see “invite to group” option. If someone is on chat, you can also send the invite by clicking on his/her name.

#3 How to get Unstuck
If you are stuck at some point, there are multiple ways to get it fixed:
You can use “/stuck command in the chat window
Logging out and then logging back in can also help
You can use the device that takes you to Agartha

#4 How to make a Guild

/help guild

It will guide you to make a guild for yourself. You can use the shown commands to promote or demote people. You will also get a separate channel in a separate tab.

#5 Emote Commands

/emote [tab]

You will get a complete list of emotes which can be selected by hitting enter. You can always use “/help” command to get the command parameters.

#6 The command List

/ [tab]

If you type the given command, you will get a list which can come useful for different purposes:

/born – When your character was made
/camp -log out
/ch – used to choose a channel to speak to
/Emote_Headstand – Looks very amarureish
/follow – priceless command. Lets you follow people you have selected.
/me – /me smiles becomes: [Character name] smiles
/petition – Writing complaints to GMs
/played – How long you have played this game, also shows time
/quit – Faster logout than /camp
/r – reply to the last tell-message you got
/scratch_head – Note: the emote is: /Emote_Scratch_Hair
/selectself – very usefull command, F1 does teh same
/setoption – a very useful tool for scripting custom GUIs
/stuck – if you ever get stuck, try using this one
/Threaten_emote – Note: capital letter
/whisper – Like Say, just not as far reaching

If you know any other useful commands or tweaks, you can share with us in the comments below.

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