The Quarry: Travis Computer Password Solution

Finding solutions for puzzles to uncover secrets is a big part of The Quarry and our guide will help you find the password for Travis Computer.

Stumbling around in the dark and mysterious world of The Quarry, you will have to make hard decisions and take calculated risks to survive and unravel the secrets everyone is hiding. One such incident is where you will need the password to Travis’s Computer in The Quarry and this guide will help you in easily find out the clues leading to the password.

The Quarry: How to Find the Password for Travis Computer

Travis is the Sheriff of The Hackett’s Quarry and your first interaction while playing as Laura with him will be during the prologue during the car accident.

During your search for clues about what Travis is hiding about The Quarry, you will find yourself in the police station while Travis is out hunting. You will come across a computer that belongs to Travis.

There will be a hint to the password and after revealing the hint you will quickly realize that the password is Travis’s Birthday which is probably not the password you should usually go for if you are hiding secrets.

Moving on, to find the clues that will reveal Travis’s birthday, head upstairs and go into the first room on your left side. Inside the room, you will see a bulletin board with a birthday card pinned to it.

Upon examining the card, you will realize that it is a card from Travis’s mother in which she writes that he is 56 now, revealing the birth year. Now what’s left is the birthday and birth month.

To uncover the rest of the clues, go to the last room on the top floor, and at the very back of the room next to the turned-over lockers, there will be a calendar with Travis’s marked on it revealing the rest of the information.

Now that you have the full information, you can head back to the computer and Laura will automatically enter the password. Once the computer is unlocked you will come across the Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast.

Upon hearing the podcast you will learn about lots of secrets that will help you in making any further decisions.

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