How to Unlock All Outfits in The Quarry

In this guide, we will on how to unlock all 80’s outfits in The Quarry so that you can have those nostalgic moments again.

Living the 80’s dream. What a beautiful time that was. Supermassive’s The Quarry lets you relive the 80s survival horror era by dressing up the characters in time-appropriate outfits. This guide will cover how to unlock all 80’s outfits in The Quarry so you can have those nostalgic moments again.

How to Unlock All 80’s Throwback Outfits in The Quarry

While technically, you can dress up the characters in 80’s-themed outfits, the process isn’t implemented in the game yet and you will have to wait. However, you can be ready for the arrival of character customization by spending money on the game.

You must buy the Deluxe edition of The Quarry to get the outfits. But the conditions imposed by developers do not end here. Deluxe Edition of The Quarry will not have the outfits accessible right now.

Supermassive has given us the date on which all the 80’s outfits will be available in the game. The release date of the outfits is 8th July 2022 to coincide with the UK release of the game.

It is odd that in this day and age, a Western-made single-player game is released a month apart in US and UK. But thankfully, the wait isn’t too long, and those buying it in the UK will have access to all the outfits at launch.

Once the outfits have been released, you should be able to change them through the settings menu.

The Quarry All 80s Outfits

  • Laura (‘80s Throwback)
  • Max (‘80s Throwback)
  • Abigail (‘80s Throwback)
  • Emma (‘80s Throwback)
  • Jacob (‘80s Throwback)
  • Kaitlyn (‘80s Throwback)
  • Nick (‘80s Throwback)
  • Ryan (‘80s Throwback)
  • Dylan (‘80s Throwback)

How To Change Outfits in The Quarry

Now, after pre-ordering the game or purchasing DLC, it’s time the use the outfits. Changing outfits for your characters can be done in the main menu.

To do so, go to your game settings and find the Display menu. You will find an option in this section to change between character packs.

Open this section and select the 80s Throwback outfits option there. You have now changed outfits for your characters.

Remember that you cannot change your outfits when the game is already ongoing and must return to the main menu before doing so.

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