The Outer Worlds Tactical Time Dilation Debuffs Guide

The Outer Worlds features Tactical Time Dilation (TTD) which slows downtime for you to a crawl. When you wake up from cryosleep, and to fasten up your senses, the game gave you the ability of Tactical Time Dilation. Tactical Time Dilation makes it easier for you to participate in combat and deal with your enemies. In this guide, we will show you how to effectively use the Tactical Time Dilation mechanic in the game and how to incur useful debuffs on enemies.

The Outer Worlds Tactical Time Dilation Debuffs

If you see below the health bar, you are going to see a purple bar that shows you TTD. In order to activate tactical time dilation, press Q on PC, L1 on the PS4 controller, or LB on the Xbox One controller. The bar starts to drain as soon as you activate the ability and the speed with which it drains depends on your actions. For the duration of TTD, the enemies will seem to move slower than normal and you will have information on your HUD about attacking certain body parts and debuffing them.

In case you are in combat, you would have to move or attack the enemy which causes for the bar to empty up more quickly. The Tactical Time Dilation scanner tells you information about an enemy, including its health, strengths, weaknesses etc. If you are using your TD then be sure to calculate every step and aim every shot perfectly as the bar will drain more quickly when you do so.

Using TTD and focusing on the parts of your enemy will help you inflict ailments on your enemies, provided you have the skill tier unlocked for that specific weapon type. Below are all the tactical time dilation debuffs you can put on your enemies.

Shoot in the head or use a bladed weapon. It reduces the vision range of targets and reduces ranged weapon accuracy.

Shoot the enemy’s torso or hit them with a weapon of the equipped special effect which pushes the target back a short distance. It reduces Melee, Ranged, and Defense skills and increases the amount of Physical Damage received.

Shoot the enemy’s arm or use a bladed weapon to chop at them. It reduces the target’s damage output.

Shoot the enemy’s legs or use a bladed weapon. It reduces movement speed, melee attack speed, and rate of fire.

Shoot or use a bladed weapon on the target’s groin area. It lowers all skills at a moderate amount, with the target taking increased Plasma, Corrosion, and N-Ray damage.

Slash at the enemy’s torso using a bladed weapon. It inflicts damage over time and reduces the body’s attributes but does not affect Automechanicals.

Shoot the torso with a weapon of the equipped special effect. It knocks the target to the ground, making them unable to take any action for a short time.

As you proceed further in the game you are going to unlock new skills that are going to speed up the recharge or will charge more with time