The Outer Worlds Mega Creatures Guide

This guide contains all you need to know in order to find and defeat Mega Creatures in The Outer Worlds for some good loot

While traveling across the various locales of The Outer Worlds, players might run into or at least hear about some dangerous monsters which are basically just enhanced versions of the local fauna. These Mega Creatures in The Outer Worlds not only are stronger than their normal versions but also give way better loot.

In this guide, we will teach how you to defeat Mega Creatures, their possible locations if you are hunting for one and unlock The Harder They Fall Achievement.

The Outer Worlds Mega Creatures

Defeating mega creatures is mostly just the same as defeating any normal monster in the game, with the added change that these have more health and damage so players need to be cautious when taking them on. There are multiple locations where mega creatures can spawn so we will continue to update the guide as we discover more.

Mega Sprat
It can be found below the Edgewater Landing Pad, right outside Edgewater City in Emerald Vale. It has 1,463 health and is pretty easy to take on even at low levels. As an added tip, if you go to the landing pad at night, the Mega Sprat will be asleep so you can land a couple of free hits from a distance before it starts charging towards you.

Mega Primal
You can find one Mega Primal on Scylla, in the fields right below the landing pad. The Mega Primal will be surrounded by a lot of other smaller ones and just like a Primal Behemoth, it can go underground and then jump out right next to you so keep that in mind.

Mega Mantiqueen
The easiest way to find and defeat one is during the Mandibles of Doom quest. The person you are supposed to rescue, Bertie, is being held in a cave in Devil’s Peak Caverns that the quest marker will lead you to. Bertie is being guarded by a Mega Mantiqueen so just defeat it.

There is another Mantiqueen you can find during Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game quest.

Mega Raptidon
Found on Monarch

Mega Canid
The mega canid has a random chance to spawn as it is a unique creature by the name of Orthrus. It can be found in Emerald Vale, outside the Geothermal Plant. If you go there at night, Orthrus and other canids will be asleep so you can land a few easy hits. Shock and stun weapons are your best bet against the mega canid.

Mega Mantisaur
On your way to meet up with Nyoko in Stellar Bay on Monarch, just look for areas with Mantisaur groups. One of them should have the Mega Mantisaur so just fight that group and defeat the mega creature. Keep in mind these enemies have a poisonous spit so watch out for that.

There are all the Mega Creatures you will find across Halcyon. Some of them might not spawn at the time when you check so be sure to return to the location again and see if the creatures are there or not. In order to get The Harder They Fall in The Outer Worlds, you just need to kill one of these creatures.

If you are in a rush and want to get the achievement as quickly as possible and without too much work, the Mega Sprat is your best bet as it is low level and extremely easy.