You Are Not Ready For The Last Of Us 2, Says Troy Baker

With still no confirmation on a Last of Us 2 release date, Troy Baker drops a teaser at Manchester about how fans aren't ready for the game.

The Last Of Us: Part II is starting to get dangerously close to the overhyped category of video games. One where the wait for the game becomes so long that the room for disappointment is bigger. Adding to that overhype train, member of the cast and popular voice actor Troy Baker adds in a statement that “you are not ready”.

This claim was made at the Manchester Comic Con panel of The Last of Us 2. One where multiple questions were asked amongst which Troy Baker made this statement.

What does this mean though? I certainly hope we don’t see anyone from our dynamic duo die. At least not brutally. I wouldn’t mind seeing Joel pass away in a peaceful slumber. Maybe the end of this game has us face to face with Ellie’s untimely demise. That would definitely be something the fans aren’t ready for.

Honestly I’m not very concerned about the fans not being ready. My issue is more with the game not being ready either.

A lot of companies have started to adopt this trend of revealing their games way too early. This has been the case with Naughty Dog regarding the Last of Us: Part II as well as CD Projekt Red with Cyberpunk 2077.

I feel like Doom Eternal has been handling their campaign the best. The game was announced within at least a year and a half of its actual release date. Then there was Call of Duty Modern Warfare which was announced just months in advance. Finally, there was the chad Apex Legends that launched first, then released their trailer.

Either way, Naughty Dog have impressed us so far. Whether it was with the Uncharted series, the Last of Us part 1 or the Crash Bandicoot games. I’m fairly certain the Last of Us 2 will deliver greatly as well. Especially with the boom of popularity in single-player games that Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War set for us.

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