The Forest Tips And Tricks

The Forest has been out for a fair amount of time now, but that has not stopped people from playing it one bit. The game has a lot of complexities as you need to survive in the dense jungle and escape from a multitude of enemies, the deadliest of which will probably be nature. These The Forest Tips And Tricks will help you survive with ease in the harsh lands.

The Forest Tips And Tricks

When you begin the game, you must first of all loot all the items available at the crash site. Take every and anything you can carry, and may be usable later and get to a safe place as soon after the crash as you can as cannibals are going to raid the crash site.

Throughout the forest, food will be quite easy to find. You can hunt animals, find chocolate or use plants to get food. Lastly, the flashlight can be found in the same cave that has the hair spray.

Here are some great tips and tricks that will help you in your quest for survival in The Forest.

Remember that you can hit the lady when you find the axe in the plane x4 times and you will be rewarded with her clothes. The red artefact will bring cannibals to you and the blue artifact will push them away.

They can also jump over the walls by using the trees. Lastly, none of the other players will be able to see you if you crouch down.

Finding Loot
An important thing to know in the game is where to find loot. If you are looking for items such as chocolate, drinks, booze or batteries, then it is best to look for them in suitcases.

These suitcases will be found all over the map. If you want to find weapons, then it is best to look for them in the caves except those that can be crafted.

First of all, you need to build a small house at the start. Do not bother with a large house as it will be way too much trouble. After that, build the water catchers followed by the drying racks.

Once you have that, get a pot and start a fire. It is best to have your house in the water, as cannibals are unable to swim. Build your base there and use a raft to swim towards it, as your base will be indestructible this way.

It’s in your best interest to avoid cannibals altogether. They have scouting parties out in the forest at most times. Better to avoid open areas in the daytime or lighting fires at the night time.

The cannibals always come to search when they see a fire and regularly scout areas where they find buildings, traps or effigies.

However, the best loot can be found around the camps of the cannibals. However, there will always be enemies over there. You can either try or kill the cannibals before looting the place or you can sneak around and get as much as possible without being seen.

Mutants are not hostile towards you earlier in the game but if you wear armor at this point in the game, they’ll take it as a threat and attack you indefinitely.

So, it’s better not to use armor early on in the game, at least until you get into conflict with the mutants automatically.

Enemies and Fighting

  • Blocking at the precise moment will Knock your enemy back. You’ll get an audible indication when you have done it right.
  • Cannibals cannot swim, so when they’re chasing you, lead them to a river and make them fall in after you. 3-5 seconds in deep water will drown them.
  • When you face a group of enemies in the day time, stand your ground instead to running away. Stand and stare calmly at your enemies and do not give into their scaring tactics; this will give you time to back off slowly.
  • Upgrade your weapons as soon as possible for a better chance at survival.

Food & Resources Tips

  • Berries are the most abundant and easily available food source, but while a lot of them might be edible, some are poisonous as well.
  • Build a rabbit trap to catch rabbits for food. Place the trap somewhere in the wood where you see a lot of rabbits and come back later to take it.
  • Use spear to catch fish from the pond; it’s another adequate source of food but not quite easy.

One of the easy sources of meat is a deer which has 4 meat on it and is easily hunted by even the weak weapons

Crafting Recipes

  • Repair Tool = Rock + 2x Sticks + A lot of Tree Sap
  • Bomb = Coins + Circuit Board + Booze + Watch
  • Upgraded Spear = Spear + 3x Bones
  • Crafted Axe = Stick + Rope + Rock
  • Flaming Arrows = Arrows + Booze
  • Watterskin = 2x Deer Skin + Rope
  • Bone Armor = Bones + Cloth
  • Arrows = 5x Feathers + Stick
  • Skull on Stick = Skull + Stick
  • Bow = Cloth + Stick + Rope
  • Lizard Armor = Lizard Skin
  • Molotov = Booze + Cloth
  • Spear = 2x Sticks
  • Rope = 7x Cloth
  • Stealth Armor = 1x Lizard Skin + 15x Leaves

Miscellaneous Tips

  • You can use dynamite for chopping a lot of trees and a Molotov for damaging a lot of enemies at once.
  • You can use the hear spray as a Flamethrower and use it on cannibals to burn them to death.
  • Remember to use mud to hide better when crouching inside of a bush.
  • The Rusty Axe is best for blocking so use that for defensive moves.
  • Eat Blue Berries and use their seeds to farm more Blue Berries.

That is all we have for our The Forest Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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