The Elder Scrolls Online Mounts Guide – How To Level Up Horses

Horses can be purchased from the stables of all the major cities in The Elder Scrolls Online. You can see these stables marked with a horse icon on the map. The stables will give you the option to buy, access, feed and sell your horse.

The horses have three main attributes (speed, capacity and stamina) with each of them having their own importance. The horses have the maximum level cap of 50, so all the stats can’t be maxed out fully.

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Speed: With more speed, you can travel faster.

Stamina: The stamina will help your horse gallop for much longer.


Capacity: It will increase your inventory space.

There are five types of horses in the game and upon purchasing you can also rename them by clicking on the edit name button. Following are the five horse types in the game:

Common Horse
This is the cheapest horse available in the game although it is the only option unless you have more money. It offers 15% speed, 10 Stamina and 0 Capicity. They are of brown color and cost 17,200 gold.

Common Horse

Imperial Horse
It is the same as the common horse but comes with the imperial edition of the game. It’s in white color and will cost you just 1 gold.


Draft Horse
Draft horse is especially made for the players who want to have more space in their inventory. This is a black colored horse and it costs 42,700 Gold. Its attributes are 15% Speed, 10 Stamina and 10 Capacity.


Light Horse
Light horse is the fastest of all the available mounts. It will give 25% Speed, 10 Stamina and 0 Capacity. It is in Light Brown color and will cost you 42,700 Gold.


Gaited Horse
Gaited Horse is one for the stamina, very useful when you are travelling long distance because it will let you gallop for a longer period of time. It comes with 15% Speed, 0 Capacity and 20 Stamina. It is of Black Color and will cost you 42,700 Gold.


Leveling Up Your Horses
Every single day, you will be given an option to feed your horse.

You can feed your horse with an apple for 1% Speed, Hay for 1 Stamina or Oats for 1 Capacity. It totally depends on you how you want to build up your horse. A horse can only be fed for 50 times.

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