The Division Will Boast “Classic MMO Chat System” But Only in Specific Zones

The Division Creative Director recently talked about how PC players will be able to communicate with each other.

Speaking with PCGamesN; Magnus Jansen confirmed that PC players will be able to communicate via Text Chat and Voice System on console. However, Jansen also stated that the option will be available inside the Safe Zones with Hub Areas:

[The safe house is] also a social space where you can easily use your proximity voice, or on PC chat because on PC you obviously have a chat for group or local. [It’s a] classic MMO chat system which you can use to hook up with strangers.

The basic idea behind the entire thing is to enable PC community to create groups without hassle. In addition to this, there is also an option of proximity voice chat, but once again, the feature will not be available everywhere. Although the source reports that the proximity voice chat will not be available in Dark Zones, it was there during the game’s Alpha so as to ensure that ‘good’ players do not end up going rogue against other ‘good’ people.

Players will feel like each PvP encounter in the game mean something, Ubisoft Massive noted.

The Division is scheduled to release for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on Mar. 08, 2016. The game is also scheduled to receive a beta-test at the end of this month.

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