The Division 2 Warlords of New York Civic Center SHD Cache Locations Guide

Find and collect all the SHD Caches scattered across the Civic Center, Theo's turf, in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

SHD Tech Caches are a well-known part of The Division 2’s loot structure. They often contain valuable resources and upgrade materials that you can use in several ways. While collecting them isn’t mandatory, the contents can be extremely useful.

This collectible makes a return in The Division 2’s Warlords of New York expansion. In this guide, we’ll be focusing on all five SHD Tech Crates you can find in the Civic Center location of New York.

They are littered all over the area and can be quite difficult to find. The SHD tech caches can be used to either upgrade your character or to open the loot crate in a Safe House.

SHD Tech Cache 1 – Location

Civic Center SHD Cache

The first SHD tech cache can be found right before you enter the Civic Center area. When you reach the area on the map above, walk straight and look to your left where you’ll find an alley. Keep an eye out for vents on the wall as soon as they show up, make a right, and climb the boxes in front of you. Finish climbing to collect the cache.

SHD Tech Cache 2 – Location

To find the second SHD Tech Cache, make your way to the northeastern part of the university, marked on the map above. Here you’ll find an open manhole on the ground. Climb down using the ladder until you enter the sewer and continue straight until you reach a broken pipe.

Pass the broken pipe then take the first left and enter the door at the very end of the tunnel. Inside you’ll find a glass door which you can shoot. Once you do, access the control panel and progress further until you find a locked door.

Shoot the lock on the door and enter. You’ll have to take down an enemy here who’ll drop a key that you can use to unlock a door towards the right of the room. The Tech Cache is inside.

In some instances, you may encounter a bug when you’re trying to find the SHD tech cache in the sewer. In this bug, the key does not drop the enemy in the final room. To fix it you can reload a save, or you can locate a key box in the same room where you accessed the control panel. The key inside the box will open the door leading to the cache as well.

SHD Tech Cache 3 – Location

The third SHD Tech Cache in the civic center area is located right next to Columbus Park. Make your way to the southern part of the park, as highlighted on the map above, and look for a police car. There will be an alley next to a police car that you need to enter.

Keep your camera centered up as you walk through the alley. Here, you need to locate a climbing rope. Once you do, shoot it then use it to climb the building it’s attached to. On top of the roof, you’ll find a flight of stairs.

Follow the route of the stairs until you come upon a locked door. Follow the wires coming out of the door to the control panel. Shoot it to unlock the door. The tech cache is inside.

SHD Tech Cache 4 – Location

For the penultimate SHD tech cache, make your way to the extreme northeast of the Civic Center area, as marked on the map above. Here you’ll find a dumping site with black shipping containers.

Right next to the black containers will be a white truck. Climb it, then simply follow the path in front of you until you reach the rooftop. The tech cache will be on the roof.

SHD Tech Cache 5 – Location

The fifth and final SHD tech cache is located towards the east of Columbus Park, near the third cache. Go to the location marked on the above and search for a noodle shop. Enter it then use the stairs in the restaurant to get to the rooftop. Head right and enter the fenced area. The tech cache will be located inside.

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