The Division 2 Locations Compared With Real Washington, Full Map Revealed

The Division 2 locations are 1:1 recreation of real-life places. What this means is that the places in the game are just like what they look like in real life. According to Ubisoft, there were a couple of potential cities but they wanted to go with one of the safest places on earth.

During a recent Twitch Steam, Ubisoft compared some of the in-game locations with ones we’ll see in The Division 2. You can check out the real-life locations and how they have been portrayed in the game below:

The comparisons show us what has happened to the world since the virus broke out.

Getting sounds to match these The Division 2 locations was pretty hard as well. Devs talked about how the sound team went out in the middle of the night in order to get sounds in silence but also so took a trip to Chernobyl in order to capture sounds from a real-life abandoned city, Chernobyl.

The Division 2 Full Map

The map of the game has also been revealed and you can check out the different The Division 2 locations on the map below. It is divided into five different locations and area types. We have nature, suburbs, residential, commercial, and Govt locations.

The Division 2 Locations
The Division 2 Map

The devs seem to be putting a lot of effort into The Division 2 and that might reflect in the gameplay as well. It will be interesting to see what the actual game will be like when it comes out next year. For more information regarding the game, stay tuned.

The Division 2 is releasing on March 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is currently available to pre-order through PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, and uPlay. You need pre-order the game to get guaranteed access to the game’s beta.

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