The Division 2 Lets You Have A Grid Style Inventory

Ubisoft steps up their User Interface game in The Division 2 by allowing players to see their inventory in a grid fashion over a list one.

User interface is a very important part of any gameplay experience. You want a user to understand what you’re relaying to them as fast as possible. In a game where loot is a heavy aspect, it’s important to have a good UI for your inventory. The Division 2 has stepped up in that regard by letting you have your inventory be presented as a grid. Props to Ubisoft for doing that.

You can change your inventory style to a grid

As you can see in the video, the game lets you see your items in a grid fashion as compared to the Division 2’s traditional list view.

Going through your items within a list can be tedious. Especially if you start hoarding items. Normally the size of your list is good inclination to store items rather than hoard them.

In the case of a looter shooter who’s primary aspect is collection though, it’s better if you don’t punish players for hoarding. Some people tend to adapt to situations by rapidly switching items in the middle of a gunfight.

When it comes to managing, categorizing or interacting with items such as selling, it helps to have an easy time going through the inventory. That’s exactly what a Grid view tends to do, not to mention it feels nice to see all your goodies laid out for you to see.

Besides the option to change how your menu looks, Ubisoft offers multiple things in The Division 2. Customizing your character for one, modifying guns and attachments for the other. Playing with your friends, going into missions together and even the game’s own PvP mode called the Dark Zone.

If you’re not a caught up on what’s new to expect, this should help you out. The game has more or less the same tone both story and gameplay wise. A third-person looter shooter set in a virus-ridden Washington D.C.

The Division 2 releases later this month.

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