Ubisoft Hints at Solo and Squad Modes for The Division 2 Dark Zone

The Division 2 dark zone may actually be more fair compared to the original concept. Solo players may no longer be at a major disadvantage.

One of the problems we have with the original Dark Zone of The Division is its unfair design. The Dark Zone servers allow access to everyone regardless of them playing Solo or with a Squad. This created situations where Solo players would often get overwhelmed by Rogue Squads. It was impossible to win a 1v2, 3, and 4 situations.

The Division 2 is expected to change this by diving solo and squad servers. Solo players will not find squads on their servers but of course, if random players decide to join forces you are out of luck. During a live stream, Ubisoft’s Terry Spier spoke about the Dark Zone and the possible divide of solo and squad servers.

Yeah, we have thought about it in fact, I can’t comment on the plans. We have only made a public stated that there will be a Dark Zone in The Division. We haven’t shared anything beyond that. But yeah we have thought about this. Of course, matchmaking is something very important to us in the Dark Zone. We have learned a lot from the first game about the Dark Zone and we are applying a lot of that information. And also, we kinda want to stay on the cutting edge. I really think the Dark Zone was on the cutting edge. It was a unique experience and we want to recreate that uniqueness.

At the same time, he made it clear that Dark Zone is a place with no rules and players are supposed to make their own. Ubisoft understands that solo players are at a major disadvantage.

But you also have to remember though, the Dark Zone is supposed to be a place with no rules. And while I understand that ‘hey, matchmaking is the kind of rules we can have,’ let’s also bear in mind that you go in with the knowledge of it being unfair. You make your own fairness. And that happens to be, well, if you have more people you have an advantage plain and simple.

There is hardly anything known about The Division 2’s Dark Zone which is odd considering we are only 5 months away from the game’s release. If you read the entire statement it isn’t hard to see that Ubisoft is still working on the Dark Zone. Nothing has been finalized in regards to the Dark Zone, even if it is, they do not wish to talk about it publicly for now. Feedback is going to be crucial here and the company seemingly plans to utilize it to its advantage before finalizing the Dark Zone.

The Division 2 release date is March 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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