The Division 2 Clan System Guide – Clan Rank, How Clans Work

Progressing in The Division 2 may not be such a grind on your own, but teamwork, or namely a clan,...

Progressing in The Division 2 may not be such a grind on your own, but teamwork, or namely a clan, can help you ease into reaching new levels and unlocking upgrades.

That’s right! Joining a clan will help you indirectly earn more XP as each member contributes to the group. This will, in turn, unlock rewards, even gold tier-ones. Read down more below to learn about Clan System in The Division 2.

The Division 2 Clan System

The Clan System has a level-based system Level 30 being the highest level. Your progression and the progression of the other members of the clan can indirectly level up your clan and lead to greater bonuses per new level.

The clan gets the Clan Cash that requires the members to have an amount of XP and if they do at the end of the week, they can get rewards of three tiers i.e. Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

If your clan is able to complete certain projects then your clan will receive bonus Clan XP.

The Clan System of the Division contains the limit up to 50 agents. You can get XP from the clan and thus get a Clan Membership.

Progressing yourself will, in a way, make your Clan Progress more either it is your own clan or someone else’s. However, you need at least 4 agents in the clan for the clan to start leveling up.

You can communicate with other agents through type chat function or voice chat. Two voice channels can contain a maximum of 25 agents each per channel and you can socialize with time to time.

If you want to make your own clan and want to know Management Tips then do read this passage.

Making a clan will first require you to make a name for the clan that can be between 4-15 letters and you also need to make the clan tag that consists of three capitalized letters, this clan tag is visible to all players.

Similarly to other Clan System in games, in The Division, there are three types or categories of entries into clans.

Your clan can be private that is only the leader can send the invites to people and let them join, your clan can invite only for which the players have to send an invite to ask whether they can join the clan or not and finally your clan can be open meaning it can be open to all players without any means of invites.

Other than that, there is a description if you want to write so that people might get to know your clan more. After that, we have the Ranking System in the clan.

The higher up or clan leader is called the Commander who has all admin functions access. Then there is Lieutenant who can promote or demote people and send invites he/she can also promote the clan.

After that is the Agent who is only able to send invites to other players. Lastly is the Recruit who has very limited clan functions access. If running a clan is not your style than you can simply join a clan. Searching up a clan has many options.

You can check which clan suits you best. For example, you can see which clan is most aggressive in PvE or PvP and on which days the clan is active the most. You can check the language mostly spoken in the clan and which country it originated from.

Finally, let us talk about the base of operations of your clan. This headquarters will be the place where you can the rewards after completing projects, other jobs, etc. It will be located within the east-wing of the White House.

The clan quarters will showcase your clan’s top XP contributors.

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