The DioField Chronicle Stats And Attributes Explained

Every game works differently and it can be a slight learning curve when it comes to what every stat and...

Every game works differently and it can be a slight learning curve when it comes to what every stat and attribute means especially If you are playing lots of different games at the same time. If you plan on or are playing The DioField Chronicle and you need to quickly figure out what all the stats mean, then you are in the right place.

This comprehensive guide will make sure that you are fully informed about everything there is to know about stats in The DioField Chronicles and how to increase them and what are the preferred stats for every class.

All stats explained

The DioField Chronicle is a Strategy RPG that makes use of the Real-Time Tactical Battle System. Even if you pause the game to give an order, the battle won’t stop so you will have to plan steps ahead to make sure your teammates don’t go down so easily.

To help get a better understanding of the battlefield and the enemy you are going up against, you will need to understand what each Stat means and how it affects your performance.

That is why we have explained every stat/attribute and what it affects down below.

Just like every other game, HP is the Health Point that determines how much more damage you can take before you go down.

Once your HP runs out, you will be out cold and can only come back into the battle if someone revives you

Skills are a big part of The DioField Chronicle, but you can’t just use them endlessly. Every skill requires a set amount of EP that will be consumed once you use that skill.

Every character will have a limit on maximum EP just like HP. Once you are out of EP, you won’t be able to use your skills until your EP is restored.

This stat controls how much damage your every attack will do to the opponent.

This is one of the most important stats no matter what class you are playing as. The higher the Attack, the more damage your skills and attacks will deal.

It is the opposite of the Attack attribute. Defense determines the amount of damage you will deflect from the enemy’s attacks.

As much as it is important to get your Attack up, it is just as important to get you defense up because if you go down in one shot then what good is your attack. Higher Defense means more damage deflected.

Just like we discussed before that skills are a big part of the combat system in The DioField Chronicle, we should know that our skills should be viable in the combat and this stat decides if they are.

Technique controls how much damage your every skill deal, and the rate of Critical Hit it will cause.

Higher Technique means more damage dealt by the skill and a higher critical hit rate.

Often times you won’t be able to get close to the enemy, so you have to make sure that your attacks are reaching them while also causing some serious damage.

Luck will determine the range of your damage dealt and will increase your critical hit rate.

How to increase stats in The Diofield Chronicle

After getting a complete understanding of how each stat works, you will have to work on increasing each and every one of them regardless of what class you are playing as.

Aimlessly playing might increase your stats but if you are looking to specifically grind to get your character’s stats up then we have got some methods for you.

Leveling up

There is knowledge then there are experiences and knowledge without experience is like a boat with no oars – useless. So, the best and the most reliable way to get your stats up is by leveling up your units.

The more you play, the more you will level up and the more your stats will increase.

Take on more enemies, fight more battles, and complete side quests. If all of these are not your cup of tea then you can always take part in Practice Battles.

Expand your arsenal

Every weapon comes with some added benefits, other than the obvious ones. Weapons also affect your stats and equipping different types of weapons will help you get your stats up.

Such as equipping Knight’s Short Sword will give you a +25 Attack, +7 Defense, and +165 EP. Weapons not only help you increase your stats but also give you more skills to use in the battle.

Weapons come with skills that can be directly used in the battle such as the Cutlas will give you the Assassination skill. To equip more weapons, increase you Weapon Development Rank.

Add some accessories

Accessories work in a similar way as weapons. Every accessory comes with a set of benefits that could be increasing your stats or it could also be a passive ability that you can use in the battle.

Every character will have two accessory slots by default and you can buy all sorts of accessories from the Shop to add to your collection.

Level up meal ranks

Food is known to be one of the top motivations for humans because no one is capable enough if their belly is empty.

Meals play a vital role in replenishing your Unit’s energy at the same time also affecting your stats.

Better meals will enhance these effects further. You can improve your meal quality by increasing the meal rank and that can be done using the Blue Fox Badge you earn for doing the main quest.

For instance, a Rank 3 Meal will increase the damage dealt by all units by 3%.

Best stats to level up for each class

Although all stats are equally important, and you should aim to maximize every attribute for every player regardless of the class they belong to but that will take too long.

To combat that situation, we have got the preferred stat for every class in The DioField Chronicle that you can focus on first as they affect the skills that belong to that class the most.


Preferred Stat: Attack

Reason: Cavaliers are the frontline fighters, and they have the responsibility of taking first blood and deal as much damage as they can so a higher Attack will be preferred so they are able to deal as much damage as they can in single blow.


Preferred Stat: Attack

Reason: The reason for this choice is the same as the Cavaliers which is that Sharpshooter are the main source of damage in every unit. They have to make sure that every shot counts so that is why a higher Attack suits this class.


Preferred Stat: EP, Technique

Reason: It is obvious from the name that Magickers are going to be the main magic users in the unit and there is only one stat that is directly tied to magic – EP.

A magicker is as good as his magic spells and if he runs out EP he cannot cast more spells. This could be the reason for the doom of that unit. So we need to make sure that every Magicker has a large pool of EP so the magic never stops.

Also, they are the ones who are the healers and once again they need EP for the healing spells so it is evident that EP is the most preferred stat if you are playing as a Magicker.

Secondly, Technique is another preferred stat for a Magicker. It will affect the critical hit rate and more critical hits mean more damage dealt by the skill which is a great thing.


Preferred Stat: HP, Defense

Reason: Soldiers are the tanks, the shields, and the main defensive line that protects those behind them. Since Soldiers are going to be taking the most hits so it only makes sense that they have a large reserve of HP.

The sooner the soldiers fall, the lesser chances you have of winning. Alongside HP, it is also important to increase your defense. Since you don’t have infinite health, and the more damage you deflect, the better it is for everyone.

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