How To Fix Server Offline Error In The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier has a few known server issues that should have been fixed when the fast-paced competitive shooter was running its closed beta. Launching the game to only be greeted by a “Server Offline” error message is something that has left players scratching their heads since the servers are actually not offline. Thankfully, there is a permanent fix to the problem. The following guide will show you how to remove the Server Offline error message in The Cycle: Frontier.

How To Fix Server Offline Error In The Cycle: Frontier

It should be noted that the Server Offline error message is mostly shown to players who launch The Cycle: Frontier for the first time. You will need to tweak your Steam client to fix this error.

Start by exiting the game and opening up your Steam client. Head into Settings from the drop-down Steam tab on the top-left corner of the client.

In the Account window, which will open by default every time you open Settings, you need to change the Beta Participation to None. This will make your Steam account opt out of all beta programs.

Once done, restart Steam for the change to take effect. Lanch The Cycle: Frontier and there should be no Server Offline error message greeting you this time.

However, if you are still seeing the error, the servers may actually be offline. You can confirm your server status by following the game’s official Twitter account.

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