The Cycle: Frontier Sample Container Locations

Sample Containers are a rare item that is used to store alien samples in The Cycle: Frontier.

Unlike most of the other items in the game, a Sample Container is not used in any printing recipe. It, however, is used to upgrade your stash to increase inventory space.

Furthermore, Sample Containers are tied up to the Osiris faction that specializes in science. Hence, each container that you find will earn you 5 faction points.

You can also choose to sell a Sample Container for 506 K-Marks but only if you have them in excess.

The following guide will show you where to find Sample Containers in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Sample Container Locations

Sample Containers can only be found in Coolers and Civilian Lockers. Coolers have the highest spawn chance of 20.24% in Tier 1 areas, which makes farming them relatively easy.

Bright Sands Sample Container Locations

Bright Sands mainly has only a couple of locations that will give you Sample Containers. Head for the Waterfall Lab in the north and the Woodcutter Camp beneath. The Jungle Camp on the far eastern border of the map will give you a few containers as well.

The rest of the map is otherwise empty. There is no reason to travel all the way to the Comms Tower or the Water Facility just for a chance to bag one or two Sample Containers.

Crescent Falls Sample Container Locations

Crescent Falls in comparison has a lot more locations with a lot more Sample Containers to loot.

Begin your farm from the Greens Prospect in the middle of the map and then go straight up to find more containers along with the forest areas.

The Nutrion Farms Warehouse in the top-left corner and the Pinnacle Labs in the top-right corner of the map have a good amount of Sample Containers and are probably the best locations to go in the game.

The Nutrion Farms Processing and Favela in the far south of the map similarly have a lot of Sample Containers to loot.

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