The Crew Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Connection Issues and Fixes

the crew
The Crew’s fan base got divided into two extremes following its release: the lovers and the ones considering it an utter disappointment.

While the reviews are still underway, PC gamers are reporting some usual issues ranging from frequent disconnections to crashes. Our guide is designed to provide you with possible workarounds of everything unusual that you might encounter while playing The Crew.

If you come across something else which is not listed here, shout out in the comments below and we will try and sort it out:

#1 Server Unavailability and Frequent Disconnections
This is a commonly reported issue among PC players which normally occurs due to router issues. I would suggest restarting your router followed by restarting the game to get it fixed!

#2 The Crew Error #0>35
This is a common issue where users experience inability to connect to servers. There are people who have found turning off their PC’s firewall a possible workaround. Furthermore, there is a patch underway which has promised to fix the issue.

#3 Issues with TXAA/MSAA
For some players, turning on TXAA and MSAA on NVIDIA GPUs seem to cause some issues which can easily be resolved by installing the latest driver fix 344.80 for AA on GTX 970/980.

#4 The Crew Connection Issues
If you are having connection issues or facing high latency, you need to make sure that your firewall is not blocking the game for proper connection (add an exception). If you are behind a router, you might also need to forward these ports:

UDP: 3001 Incoming / Outgoing
Uplay Launcher
TCP: 80, 443, 13000, 14000, 14008

#5 The Crew Error code #0_1
Seems to be a connectivity issue. First thing you should do is restart your system, and if that doesn’t work try connecting a while back as there could be some issues at Ubisoft’s side.

#6 The Crew Stuck at Loading Screen
Since the crew is an MMO, it’s bound to have some launch issues. Loading screen issue seems to be server related. At your end, just make sure that your firewall is not blocking the game and you have tried restarting it.

Also since the game is an MMO, Ubisoft will be releasing multiple updates so make sure that your game is up to date to avoid any issues. Try to connect after a while and it should work. It goes without saying that you should meet minimum system requirements for the game.

#7 The Crew Game Crashes on Random Basis
There could be plenty of reasons behind these sort of crashes so you might need to apply the step-by-step troubleshooting. First thing you need to do is make sure that you are using latest drivers for you GPU.

You could also try out the troubleshooting provided by the support. If that doesn’t help, these is a workaround you could try:

Go to Documents/The crew/ folder and see if your Xml files in there have anything written in them. If they are empty, delete the folder, and start the game again. Worry not, those files will be created again once you start the game.

You could loose your progress but if you are lucky enough, your saves must be intact via cloud. I am not sure that it will work but if you are running out of options, it’s worth of a shot I guess.

#8 The Crew Black Screen Fix
First thing you need to make sure is that your GPU drivers are up to date. If that’s not an issue, you should try changing the refresh rate of your monitor. You can also try running the game in windowed mode.

#9 The Crew Skype Stops Working
Some users have been complaining that Skype stops working whenever they launch The Crew. As a workaround, you should try disabling the in-game chat so that there is no conflict. Hopefully, the issued will be ironed out with future updates.

#10 The Crew Game Freezes Every Few Minutes
The issue seems to be related to drivers. Some users have reported that updating their motherboard drivers along with sound and GPU (especially MSI chipset) has fixed the issued for them. You could try that too to resolve the issue.

#11 The Crew Sound Issues
If you are experiencing low car volume or some other sound related issues, you need to delete the crew folder from documents and try starting the game again. This will create new config files and the sound should work fine now.

#12 The Crew FOV Scale Factor Not Working Settings
If you can’t access that menu or it ins’t doing anything, you must be running the game in windowed mode. Try switching to full screen to fix it.

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